Trump returns to Arizona


The Arizona Republic reports Donald Trump to hold rally in Mesa on Wednesday:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport on Wednesday.

The noon event will be held in a private hangar on the airport property. Trump is advertising the event on his campaign website, which says doors will open at 10 a.m.

It is unclear how many people the location can accommodate.

The rally will occur a day after Trump and the other Republican presidential candidates participate in a CNN/Salem Radio debate in Las Vegas.


Trump thugs supporters will be there in their crisply starched uniforms ready to beat up any protesters who show up.

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  1. I talk to many poor white people in my business and most are for trump. they think the democrats are for the minorities. I tell them they are for poor whites too. I ask them what is the republican party going to do for you besides put you in jail? when I tell them the republican party is for the rich they are surprised.

  2. “Sad that there are so many mentally ill hatemongers that will show to support their white supremist candidate…………….”

    What a ridiculous double-standard, blaming conservatives as haters and supremacist while ignoring how filled with hate and misanthropic towards conservatives the people on this site are.

    Don’t you just hate that?

    • Not “blaming”..they just ARE. SO afraid of any and everything that isn’t just like them…they rile up the poor masses that they use and abuse on any normal day, to do their dirty work for them. Quite sad and pathetic that they have no idea that Trump (and all the others) doesn’t give 2 sh**s about them/

      This isn’t “both sides do it”, so don’t even go there. And as far as Dee ANn’s comment…..the people that comment here aren’t running for political office and most especially, they aren’t running for President of the US…representing ALL it’s diverse population. Rather than bark at Dee Ann, why didn’t you denounce HIS hateful rhetoric?? Always the victim. You have shown your dirty hands.

  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if no one came? Sad that there are so many mentally ill hatemongers that will show to support their white supremist candidate. If word went out that they would be photographed and finger printed at the event for future round up for hate crime suspects and/or the funny farm, maybe they would realize they should stay home. Nah, they will come. Haters love to hate together.

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