Tucson Adds Five Electric Buses to Its Public Transportation Fleet

In another farsighted move designed to reduce carbon emissions eighty percent in Tucson by 2035 and invest in clean energy, the City introduced five electric buses to its public transportation fleet on September 30, 2021.

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero attended the introduction of the electric buses, posting on social media:


At the event, Mayor Romero said that the quieter electric buses would help reduce noise pollution, relaying:

“For the noise mitigation and, you know, the quality of life for people that live near transit routes, it’s going to make a big, big difference.”

Commenting on the long term benefits to Tucson, Sun Tran General Manager Steve Spade said:

“The introduction of electric buses in Tucson is a step toward a cleaner environment and a sustainable energy future.”

To accomplish this goal, the city, according to reporting by Arizona Public Media, will add five more electric buses in the spring and stop utilizing all diesel fuel buses by 2028.

This investment in reducing pollution and clean energy with the introduction of electric buses, coupled with other initiatives such as the Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap further demonstrates how local governments like Tucson’s can improve the lives of their residents and move their communities forward in a safe, clean, and prosperous direction at the same time.