TUSD Governing Bd. race still close for 2nd seat – updated

On election night November 4, 2014 in the TUSD Governing Board race incumbent Michael Hicks was losing by 435 votes, but as of yesterday November 7 at 5:18 p.m. he is only winning by 351 votes (27,413 to 27,062) over newcomer Jen Darland. Stay tuned as the Pima County Elections Division continues to count provisional ballots into next week.

Incumbent Adelita Grijalva has apparently captured the first seat with 32,441 votes, 19.34% of the votes, so far in this 9 way race for 2 nonpartisan seats.

incumbent  Adelita Grijalva

incumbent Adelita Grijalva

Here’s the website to follow the count: www.pima.gov/elections. Hicks was elected four years ago in a four way race for 2 seats with incumbent Adelita Grijalva, activist Miguel Ortega, and attorney Armand Salese (who has since passed away).  Republican Hicks got 30.87% of the vote then, the most in that 2010 election against the 3 Democrats. I’ll update when there are changes as the week goes by. Stay tuned.

Jen Darland

Jen Darland

incumbent Michael Hicks

incumbent Michael Hicks

11/9/14 Update: Hicks now has 355 votes more than Darland (27,975 to 27,440); Adelita has 32,966 votes, 19.36% Stay tuned for daily updates as the vote counts are released.

11/10/14 Update: Hicks leading by 449votes, 28,259 to 27,810 over Darland. Pima County Elections still tabulating votes tomorrow. Stay tuned.

11/11/04 update: Hicks lead increased to 517 today, 28,686 to 28,169 over Darland.  Not sure how many more provisional votes left to count.

11/13/04 Final votes counted, incumbents prevail: https://blogforarizona.net/final-vote-tally-for-tusd-governing-board-election/


2 responses to “TUSD Governing Bd. race still close for 2nd seat – updated

  1. 11/11/14: Hicks ahead today by 517 votes, 28,686 to 28,169.

  2. Update: Today Hicks ahead by 449 votes, 28,259 to Darland’s 27,810.Pima Count Elections still counting ballots tomorrow. Stay tuned.