(Update) Arizona moves one step closer to making idolatrous gun worship the official state religion


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

False IdolsOne would think the sheer stupidity of giving guns legal rights superior to an individual's private property rights to do with his or her own property as they deem fit would derail this crazy bill.

House Bill 2455, sponsored by teabagger Rep. Brenda Barton, R-Payson, clarifies that a state, county or local government must sell guns it receives in any manner unless they are deemed to be evidence in a crime. This includes weapons that individuals voluntarily hand over, even if their desire is for the weapon to be destroyed. The bill also eliminates the current law requirement that a court must authorize the sale and leaves the responsibility with the government agency holding the weapon.

HB 2455 has already passed the House, and was approved by the Senate Rules Committee on Monday. It only needs final approval from the Senate before being sent to the governor.

Your gun now has rights superior to your private property rights. And our "Big Brother" Arizona legislature is taking away your local government control again. Tea-Publicans don't believe what they preach.

Rep. Barton's fellow teabagger cohort, Rep. "Fast Eddie" Farnsworth, R-Gilbert, is concerned about gun sales records — the NRA paranoia about a federal registry of guns — because that means the "federal guvmint is comin' to confiscate your guns!" If you suffer from paranoid delusions, you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun, Fast Eddie. Bill forbids recording firearm ownership:

Saying it's nobody business, state lawmakers are poised to keep local governments – and anyone else – from finding out who owns a gun.

Rep. Eddie Farnsworth, R-Gilbert, said he wants to prevent what happened in New York, where a newspaper used state public-records law to get the names and addresses of more than 33,000 gun owners living in the suburbs north of New York City. The Journal News even included an interactive map allowing readers to find out who around them owned a weapon.

Farnsworth said he knows of no such list that exists in Arizona. And existing law already bars collecting information on the person-to-person sale of weapons.

HB 2326 extends that prohibition to purchases made from federally licensed firearms dealers.

But the real heart of the legislation is an outright ban on maintaining any sort of database on those who own a firearm.

The measure already has been approved by the House and received preliminary Senate approval earlier this week.

This bill only needs final approval from the Senate before being sent to the governor.

So in the wake of the Newtown, CT massacre of six year olds, Arizona's Tea-Publicans responded by making idolatrous gun worship the official state religion of Arizona. Just how effin' insane is the Arizona legislature?


  1. AZ have become the worst state in the Union what’s next if you kill some one as long as it is with a gun it alright the victim should not have been in the way. Where are these crazy people coming from and how could AZ citizens have voted for them now that speaks louder than words wouldn’t you say?