(Update) HB 2305 signature filing and press conference today


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Announcement from Protect Your Right to Vote Committee:

Robbie Sherwood
(480) 246-7944

Protect Your Right to Vote to deliver signatures referring HB2305 to the ballot

The Protect Your Right to Vote Committee, a broad and
diverse coalition of more than 20 organizations working together to put
House Bill 2305 to a vote of the people, will deliver petition
signatures to the Secretary of State office Wednesday afternoon.
Chairwoman Julie Erfle and representatives from participating
organizations will be present and available for media interviews.

What: The Protect Your Right to Vote Committee will file
petition signatures to the Secretary of State office. Numerous
volunteers from more than 20 different organizations contributed to the
effort since signature gathering began on July 1. More information about
HB2305 can be found here.

Who: Volunteers from more than 20 organizations will be
on hand to deliver the collected signatures. Committee chairwoman Julie
Erfle and other Committee leaders will be available for a photo and
video opportunities, and to answer questions regarding the effort to
repeal HB2305.

When: 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Where: Lobby of Arizona Executive Tower, 1700 W. Washington St., 1st floor.

Why: “This extraordinary effort by hundreds of Arizonans
to gather these signatures in the middle of summer – in the face of a
well-funded blocking effort — sends a strong message to the career
politicians who wrote HB2305: You don’t get to pick the voters you
represent. The right to vote is sacred and the citizens of Arizona will
not let you throw up roadblocks just to win elections.” — Julie Erfle,
Chairwoman, Protect Your Right to Vote Committee.

Paid for by Protect Your Right to Vote Committee
(Opposing R-03-2014) with major funding by National Education
Association, United Food and Commercial Workers, America's Families
First, Inc., and American Federation of State, County & Municipal

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