Joe Biden is still leading in Arizona. The recent ballot dump from Maricopa County at 7:00 p.m. showed Donald Trump gaining a little but with less than 400,000 votes left to count in Maricopa County and about 50,000 in Democratic-leaning Pima and Coconino Counties, the math does not look like it is in the Republicans favor. Maricopa County will release another set of vote data later this evening.

Maricopa County showed that David Schweikert has taken a small lead in Congressional District Six over Dr. Hiral Tipirneni.


There were no changes in any of the races for the Arizona State House or Senate.

Please click here to see the current results from Maricopa County.

In Pima County, Larry Bodine reported:

• Two key US House of Representative races stayed blue. Ann Kirkpatrick had a blowout Victory and so did Grijalva.

• Prop 207 and 208 passed. This means we can smoke all the pot we want in the unfortunate event that Trump is elected.

• Democrats have a Four to One majority on the County Board of Supervisors.

• Laura Conover will bring a new, progressive in the County attorney’s office and will no longer bust kids for having pot in their pocket.

• Brian Bickel is ahead in the race for County Treasurer. 

Please click here to view the current results from Pima County.

Please also click here to see the results from Yavapai County. Dr. Donna Michaels appears to have won her race for District Three of the County Board of Supervisor.

Please click here to view Coconino Vote Results.

Please click here to view statewide results.

More information will come tomorrow.