WaPo: It’s not a ‘dog whistle’ if everyone can hear the bigotry


pearl clutchThe patrician prevaricator for the Plutocracy, George Will’s mini-me Robert Robb at the Arizona Republic,  clutches his pearls and sniffs “how dare you point out that many Trump supporters are racists and bigots” — while in the same breath arguing that this will result in a Nixonian “cultural white backlash against political correctness.” Robb: Hillary Clinton overplays the race card.

This GOP apologist is pathetic. The Nixonian “cultural white backlash against political correctness” is the Trump campaign’s strategy, and is inherently racist. Donald Trump revives Richard Nixon’s 1968 playbook.

Maybe after Robb retires to his fainting couch for some smelling salts, he will take the time to read this Washington Post editorial which demonstrates just how pathetic his opinion is. Republicans can’t pretend not to know what fuels the Trump campaign:

It’s not a “dog whistle” if everyone can hear the bigotry.

Republicans supporting Mr. Trump, explicitly or tacitly, cannot reasonably claim that they do not know who he is and what he has been doing. [Lookin’ at you, Robert Robb.]

Before running for president, Mr. Trump was the king of the “birthers” who questioned President Obama’s place of birth. He started his campaign by calling Mexican migrants rapists, then spoke approvingly of the inhumane 1950s deportation program known as “Operation Wetback” and delivered a convention speech that described a country overrun by violent foreigners. As Ms. Clinton recounted, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) called Mr. Trump’s attack on a federal judge because of his Mexican heritage “the textbook definition of a racist comment.” Add in the Republican nominee’s proposed Muslim travel ban, his false aspersions on the U.S. Muslim community, his long history of belittling women, his dissemination of an anti-Semitic graphic, and a clear picture was visible long before Ms. Clinton approached the lectern.

In more recent days, Mr. Trump has attempted to salvage his image with appeals nominally aimed at African Americans. Instead, he only dug himself deeper, depicting African Americans as desperate people living in abject squalor with nothing to lose. He hired a new campaign chief executive, Stephen Bannon, a man who has called the Civil War the “war of Southern Independence” and who ran a website that warned the Obama administration is “importing more hating Muslims.”

TrumpKlanUnsurprisingly, polling shows that a majority of Americans believe Mr. Trump is biased against women and minorities. Whether Mr. Trump is a genuine bigot or just cynically appealing to bigoted sentiment is not a question we can answer. Certainly not everyone who supports Mr. Trump is a bigot. But Mr. Trump has attracted the support of assorted American bigots, once thought ejected from mainstream U.S. politics. The candidate has courted this support with plainly visible winks and nods, retweeting their messages and hesitating to disavow them when asked. At any point — such as last August, when the New Yorker’s Evan Osnos pointed out that white nationalists were rallying to Mr. Trump’s cause — Mr. Trump could have offered the loud, full and unequivocal condemnation of the bigoted fringe that the situation required.

Ms. Clinton ended her Thursday speech by praising Bob Dole, George W. Bush and John McCain, all of whom, in critical moments, stood up to bigoted elements on the right. Unfortunately, Republican leaders are not showing as much mettle this year. Even two of the men Ms. Clinton praised, Mr. Dole and Mr. McCain, have endorsed Mr. Trump. They should reconsider the cost to their reputations and the nation’s well-being. Any rational accounting would show that it is far too high.

Trump has turned the “Party of Lincoln” into the modern-day version of the Know Nothing Party, populated by xenophobic nativists, racists and bigots. If Republicans of good will do not want to be associated with and tainted by these alt-right radicals and extremists, then it’s time to abandon your knee-jerk GOP tribalism and stop supporting a party that no longer represents you. You always have the option to not vote.



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  1. I am a 67 year old white guy and I am not a racist. trump is a populist and white trash democrats (now republicans) support him and these social conservative populist or at least half the republican party the other half are made up of conservatives business republicans ayn randist libertarians movement conservative the wealthy and finally at less then 1% neo-cons war mongers. weekly standard and national review impress the beltway movement conservatives and some republicans in congress ;but not populists who are now taking over the republican party from the bushes mitt romney and the neo-con artists. they take over the party win or lose in 2016.

    • Spot on. I’ve been faithfully reading National Review, Weekly Standard, Redstate and The Resurgent and they still don’t know what hit them. Glenn Beck too.
      On the other hand, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Breitbart and Drudge are carrying Trump big time.
      If Trump wins, they will all come around. If he loses, the long knives come out.

      • What Jim said.

        Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Oath Keepers, Bundy’s, Brewer, Babeu, Sheriff Mack, Alex Jones, McCain, on and on, they’ve all been telling people to be afraid of their government.

        Obama is sending UN troops in to take over under Agenda 21. You’ll be put into subterranean prisons underneath Walmarts in Texas!

        They all use fear for political and financial gain.

        Now they want to pretend like Trump isn’t their racist, fascist lovechild.

        Let me preview the 2016 GOP autopsy report for you:

        One page, large font, boldface, one word “Duh!”

  2. First off, from the WaPo article above: “Whether Mr. Trump is a genuine bigot or just cynically appealing to bigoted sentiment is not a question we can answer…”

    Seriously? He was raised by a Klansman, his dad was busted at a KKK rally, Fred Trump was so bad Woodie Guthrie actually wrote songs about his racism, and Cheeto Benito’s own record of bigotry goes back to the early 1970’s and housing discrimination.

    The birther thing? The wall? The rapists thing?

    But WaPo isn’t sure Trump’s a racist? Trump is a 70 year old white guy, it’d be more surprising if he wasn’t racist.

    The WaPo is a stupid idiot.

    Second off… Steve Scalise, Paul LePage, Haley Barbour, Steve King, Pete King, John McCain, Rick Perry, Don Young, George Allen, Pat Buchanan, George Will, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Megan “Santa is White Kids” Kelly/Fox News… don’t make me google any more, it’s depressing.

    Pick most any right winger in Arizona, or in any of the other 49 states, and you’ll likely find a failed human being.

    It’s the GOP candidates for POTUS that are supposed to blow the dog whistle, the party as a whole picked up a megaphone decades ago.

    The Dems have more than a few bad apples, too, but if you’re a God Fearing American Bigot, the GOTeaP welcomes you.

    • And there was also Donald Trump and the Central Park Five.


      Dog whistles, I’m afraid, are a thing of the past. Everyone is saying whatever they want to these days, mostly under the anonymity of social media, at least initially. This seemed to trigger a kind of acceptance, that it is perfectly okay just to say anything, no matter how stupid or untrue. But this appeals to a lot of folks, as evidenced by the rise of Trump.

      Trump will soon be slapped down and the November election will give us a head count of the white supremacists. Someday, historians will look back at the 2016 election and just shake their heads.

      • Liza, Spot on! Truly dangerous moral panics that destroy innocent lives with reckless abandon should not be ignored. Worse than Trump, are his ‘followers”. He’s exposed a much larger dark side of America than we thought existed. Looks like the rise of Hitler. Watch those campaign films.

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