We elected Barack Obama to be the People’s President (video)


Obama_inauguration_2013_commemorative_post_cards-p239098298749090121en84n_325by Pamela Powers Hannley

Today, President Barack Obama, our 44th president, started his second term.

Last November, in overwhelming numbers, a diverse coalition of Americans said we want this black man to be our president for another four years– not that hollow representative of the 1%, that child of privilege, that flip-flopping liar with the hidden corporatist agenda.

President Obama won the presidency by a larger majority than John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan, and he did so by inspiring a rainbow of Americans that he can better lead all of us through these challenging times to a better, stronger, fairer America. He continued the theme of togetherness in his inaugural address– specifically calling for unity, while giving a nod to groups who elected him– gays, Latinos, blacks, women, middle class workers.

We, the people, believe that induring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war…

This morning during the mainstream media banter leading up to the inauguration ceremony, corporate talking heads– one after another– parroted their gloom-and-doom meme about Obama's second term. Don't believe them. We the people will build our future– not the media talking heads, not the corporatists, not the Congress, not the state legislatures, not the courts. We the people must take responsibility to be the change we want to see in our country.

During the next four years, there will be times when we agree with President Obama and times when we don't. But we must remember that we the people chose him, and only we the people can help him be the best president he can be.

Our work is not over. This country faces many social and economic challenges. As the President said this morning, we must move forward together. In the coming years, let's help the President and our elected officials make the right choices– choices that will further equality, justice, and liberty for all Americans. We elected Barack Obama to be the People's President. Let's help him earn that title during the next four years. Watch the video below and remember how hard we worked for today and how jubliant we were on the evening of November 6, 2012. 



  1. What is NAWAPA?

    This is sort of the point of my post. We elected him as the People’s President. He said the right things yesterday, but there are evil, greedy forces at work in DC. That is why we must be vigilant.

  2. We elected Andrew Jackson to be the people’s president also but Jackson was a creation of Van Buren who was by no means a people’s champion.
    In fact A. J. not only started the Trail of Tears but took out our national bank against the testimony of competent witnesses regarding the efficacy
    of the bank. This led to our now private central banking Ponzi monetarist Federal Reserve system. Now is the time to get another national bank
    but the 1% including Obama will fight tooth and nail to prevent HR 129 or a national bank. Join the struggle to return to us, the people, the power
    of the purse. It’s constitutionally and scientifically the right choice. The central bank is a failed system and I’m tired of endless bail-outs. Let
    your representatives know that we, the people, understand exactly how we’re being ripped off. Matt Taibbi’s articles in the Rolling Stone ‘zine
    explains in great and simple detail how we’re being cheated. Phil Angelides FCIC report explains exactly whudunit, also. The stench of this
    corruption is making us sick and no, I can’t afford health care nor can you. You were born helpless and you will die helpless. Now while you are
    big and strong it is your privilege and responsibility to help the helpless. That’s part of staying human. We can do this if we stop bailing out the
    1% and initiate NAWAPA to have more than 8 million productive jobs. Hallowed be.