What is Martha McSally For? Why will she not commit to a debate?

Republican Senate Nominee Martha McSally (left) and Democratic Senate Nominee Kyrsten Sinema (right)

In the three weeks since the primary election, Republican Senate nominee Martha McSally and her allies have aired several television pieces challenging Democratic Nominee Kyrsten Sinema’s commitment to our military, law enforcement, and the safety of our children.

These ads were false, as reported by Politifact, the Arizona Republic, and Blog For Arizona — including the one about wearing of the pink Tutu to protest our troops were false. They also pertain to events that occurred over a decade ago.

What these ads also prove is that Representative McSally has not been able to discuss what she is for and why Arizonans should support her. This would be important for the citizens of this state to know, especially since the two candidates will be debating sometime in October.

But wait, there appears to be a problem. While Representative Sinema has agreed to attend two one-hour debates; one in Phoenix and one in Tucson, Ms. McSally has not.

One also has to ask why Representative McSally has not agreed to two debates with Representative Sinema. Why is she avoiding debating Sinema? Sinema’s Communications Director, James Owens commented “It’s been one week since Kyrsten confirmed her attendance at public debates, but it’s been crickets from Congresswoman McSally as she refuses to commit. Congresswoman McSally makes clear every day that she’ll say anything to get elected—even lying to Arizonans about the issues that matter most, like their Medicare and Social Security—but Arizonans deserve answers.”

As noted in an earlier piece on Blog for Arizona, McSally finds flying combat jets safer than debating the issues with Representative Sinema. If she believes so much in the Republican dogma, why not defend it against your opponent? This is very unfortunate considering the people deserve to hear how both candidates would serve the people should they win the Senate seat in November.

Arizona deserves a Senator in the tradition of John McCain who is honest and forthright with the citizens of the state. Rep. Sinema has continuously communicated since the start of her campaign that she will fight for Arizonans and protect their access to health care, opportunities for success, and our veterans (which include two of her own brothers). Over the last three weeks, Representative McSally has demonstrated that she is not the candidate that will follow that legacy.

Even when John McCain knew he was going to probably win his Senate races (in 1992 for example), he had no problem debating his Democratic Opponent because that was the American way. Voters should consider McSally’s reluctance to debate and her hesitancy to say what she is for along with what Representative Sinema has to offer before voting this fall.















3 responses to “What is Martha McSally For? Why will she not commit to a debate?

  1. And now it must be time for the mailers attacking Kyrsten Sinema. I got one yesterday from “Defend Arizona” that says KS “can’t be trusted to keep America safe”.

    Sinema is running two very good ads on TV responding to attacks by Martha McSally and her supporters. However, neither ad has been posted on YouTube or elsewhere in social media from what I see. I’m sure it’s hard to stay classy when your opponent is one of the most despicable liars in politics and will do anything to win.

    McSally was elected in 2014 and by now she should have some record of achievement, but she doesn’t. She’s toed the line for the GOP and is mostly indistinguishable from all the other GOP lemmings in Washington except for her. All that sets her apart is her fanatical, personal ambition to advance her own career.

    Hopefully, it’s not her time.

  2. Marylka Pattison

    McSally agrees to CNN debate

    Debate announced yesterday:
    It said “we hope that local media organizations will partner with CNN to provide the broadest possible reach.” Does that mean those of us who don’t have cable might see it somewhere else or only CNN stations?

    Anyway, McSally always said she would debate after the primaries, so she was always committed … we just didn’t know when or where.

    | Sep 21 |
    PHOENIX — The McSally campaign today announced it accepted CNN’s request to host a debate between U.S. Senate candidates Congresswoman Martha McSally and Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema.

    The debate will be held on the evening of Monday, October 15 and will be moderated by CNN’s Dana Bash.

    • Is she going to wear her old flight suit?

      And will she be making an entrance in an A-10 fighter jet?

      Just asking…