What some of our Arizona Democratic Nominees are saying about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh


Below are some of the comments made by Arizona Democratic Nominees on the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. These sentiments should serve as a warning to all future attempts to ram through any nomination along largely base partisan lines without care to the wishes of the majority that opposed this nominee.

Democratic Nominee for Governor David Garcia

Arizona Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee David Garcia

With the appointment of Kavanaugh to the #SCOTUS, women’s rights in America have never been more at risk. Under Ducey, Arizona is ranked the most anti-choice state in the country. As your governor, I will veto any bill that infringes on women’s reproductive rights.”



Congressional District Five Nominee  Joan Greene

Congressional Five Democratic Nominee Joan Greene

“The confirmation of Kavanaugh is a sad commentary that lies are more important than truth. The men and women who defended Kavanaugh and confirmed him have said out loud that women and girls are disposable and not valuable, as long as you get what you want. This is corruption and manipulation at it’s best.”

“There were other nominations for the Supreme Court that did not lie under oath, would at least pretend to not be partisan and not have the cloud of alcohol addiction and sexual assault hanging over them. They should have chosen them.”
“Good luck to the GOP looking their wives and daughters in the eyes.”

Congressional District Eight Democratic Nominee Dr. Hiral Tipirneni 

Congressional Eight Democratic Nominee Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

“Today’s SCOTUS vote is more proof that DC is rigged against us. From issues of honesty and blatant partisanship to unanswered questions in the investigations, from unresolved, shocking allegations to unprecedented professional opposition and political maneuvering, America deserves a Senate that puts America and its people before party and power. #KavaNo”


LD 11 State Senate Democratic Nominee Ralph Atchue

LD 11 State Senate Democratic Nominee Ralph Atchue

“What the United States has witnessed was more about the state of our union than merely a confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh and Trump will be linked forever as an ignominious tragedy in American history. The damage done to our nation will outdo their reputations.”

“Now is the time for women and men of strength, morals and courage to stay committed to overcome these atrocities. We can not allow the weakness of 11 frightened men who were afraid to face one assaulted but powerful woman be the legacy. We must stand shoulder to shoulder – heart to heart – soul to soul and fight back. I am more determined than ever to do all I can to fight for my country, to make sure our children have an opportunity to see the truth and learn from these dark days.”

LD 12 State House Democratic Nominee Lynsey Robinson

LD 12 State House Nominee Lynsey Robinson

“Too raw for polite words”









LD 15 State House Democratic Nominee Jennifer Samuels

LD 15 State House Democratic Nominee Jennifer Samuels

“We can be sad for the moment, then we must continue to resist. This is not the country I want to raise my daughters in. I will continue to fight against power, privilege, and greed. Come knock doors with us. our children deserve better.”







LD 18 State House Democratic Nominee Jennifer Jermaine

LD 18 State House Nominee Jennifer Jermaine

“The SCOTUS is supposed to be a nonpartisan check on the balance of power in our country. It is disappointing that the Senate would appoint someone who was blatantly partisan during his confirmation hearings. We can no longer trust that Roe, the ACA, or the Voting Rights Act will continue to be upheld. We have work to do at the state level to repeal laws predating those cases and pass laws that reaffirm and expand civil rights for communities of color, our LGBTQ+ community, individuals with disabilities, and women. #Vote #IStillBelieveAnita #IBelieveChristine”


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David Gordon
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