What Virus? It’s Rodeo Time in Prescott. #WearaMask


Right around June 29th the Prescott Area will be flooded with rodeo enthusiasts and participants from across the country attending both the rodeo and Frontier Days Parade and celebrations.

In addition to the large crowds flocking to the rodeo grounds, often between 30,000 and 40,000 people pack the streets of downtown Prescott for the parade.

There will be no mask protocols in place for the rodeo or parade, although organizers claim there will be social distancing. No way they will be able to maintain it. I’m sure the  ‘COVID-19 is a Conspiracy Crew’ will see the social distancing as a violation of their “God-Given Rights”  to risk the health of others and act with complete impunity.

What an arrogant and irresponsible disregard for the health and well being of others.

Call Mayor Mengarelli and tell him what you think. 928-777-1255 & 928-777-1248



  1. Hey Sharpie,
    I was actually expecting something like, “Stadium half full or half empty Sharpie.”

    Anyhow, here’s to the good old days (not mine, however).

  2. Hi Fred,

    I used to go to rodeos, the Grand Nationals a few times, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss Chris LeDoux.

    I have outgrown them, and cowboys are using drones and tech these days, but I get the appeal.

    And while I find what I believe are gaps in your knowledge and problems with your logic, things I usually enjoy debating, I would like you to consider this.

    If there are tens of thousands or people there, in a month or less there will be a thousand or more new cases.

    And the odds say that a few dozen or more of those may be fatal.

    But let’s say it’s only ten people that die. Imagine how we would all feel if a shooter went to the event and killed ten people, and wounded many others.

    In the case of COVID, that is what we believe will happen, based on what we’ve seen the last few months.

    I find it disturbing that people are okay with COVID killing people, when they would not be with a shooter.

    Make sense?

    The only difference is COVID is silent and hidden.

    I would ask you to keep an eye on the local and state news for the next few weeks and see if I’m right.

    I do not want to see any senseless, needless, preventable deaths, or lives ruined.

    Stay safe.

  3. Liza;

    Let’s See the world renown WHO lied to us about the severity of Covid to begin with. In the last few days Dr Fauci admitted they lied about the need for masks in the beginning. And now you want to trust what is written yet again? Dog bites you the first time it’s the dogs fault. Dog bites you again it is your fault. And where did I ever say I was not wearing a mask? I’m just not forcing my opinions on everyone else.

    And by the way I know who wrote the article. I addressed you because you were the most vocal in supporting her points so it stands to reason they are your points as well.

  4. Fred, I didn’t write the article but I did write the comment about rodeos being stupid and cruel. They are. Some “traditions” deserve to be outgrown and left behind.

    It’s interesting that you assume everyone eats hamburger and steak. A lot of us don’t and are unaffected by the price of red meat.

    As for your response to Ms.Borgia’s article, I am providing a link to the CDC website. It seems you could use some instruction.


    “If you don’t like the mask you’re going to hate the ventilator.”

  5. Lisa, I’d like to respond to some of the statements in your article

    “Covid 19 is a conspiracy crew” No one denies a virus exists. To say so is to denigrate the lives of those souls who have died from it. Shame on you. But to tote that wearing a mask will somehow stop it is equally as ridiculous as saying going into outer space in a space suit and after staying in it for say 30 days it will be OK to take it off because the vacuum of space will no longer exist. The virus is real, and it is here to stay so unless you intend on wearing that mask for the rest of your life you have a problem. You say “vaccines”? at best they are years away and unproven. For all the fanfare about AIDs vaccines, they only control that virus and it took years to get them. Remember Dr’s while doing their best can only experiment to get close.

    You cite that holding the Rodeo/Parade is “arrogant and irresponsible disregard for the health for the health and well being of others” I’m sure the business and homeowners of the Seattle debacle who cannot come and go as they please to property that legally belongs to them would echo your sentiments. But I don’t think it is Cowboys who erected the barricades and are patrolling the area with assault type weapons.

    You say “Rodeo are actually stupid and cruel” If you enjoy a hamburger or even a steak then the traditions of rodeo you call cruel and stupid find their roots in the everyday lives of the hard working cowboys and cowgirls of this country that make it possible for to have that at a price you can afford. The men and women who participate in this event are those who have risen to the top of the methods used to raise that beef today. And if you do not believe that price is good, go over to Europe and order a steak, just bring your BIG checkbook. That beef in the butcher case was raised it didn’t just appear there after he cut a pound.

  6. It’s not about the rodeo, it’s about a gathering of 30 to 40 THOUSAND people during a WORLDWIDE pandemic that is currently spiking in Arizona, the location of the stupid, cruel rodeo.

  7. No shirt, no service is OK because it conforms to standards of decorum. But oh my, no mask, no service infringes on their Constitutional rights even though it may be a death sentence to others? What next, obese MAGA narcissists parading around shirtless to uphold their rights? I can hardly wait!

  8. Not Cruel and NOT STUPID.. a piece of history re-enacted. What in the world does a persons political preference have to do with a parade and a Rodeo? I am sure there are many people attending that are Democrats, Republicans, Independent and maybe people who don’t vote at all. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a rodeo where they asked me what party affiliation I am in. At least in a rodeo they waive the American flag and they say the Pledge of Allegiance. And nobody is kneeling or turning their back on the flag…. God bless them all!!!!

  9. If you don’t feel comfortable going to this event, don’t go. Don’t force your insecurities, fear, and beliefs on others. I’ll be going, and I will be wearing a mask and social distancing.

    • Go back to CA? That may be a good idea….thanks Bob!

      California has built the world’s sixth largest economy, in spite of high taxes and regulations, all while working to be inclusive to all races, religions, and sexual preferences.

      How can that be? Conservatives tell us that’s impossible!

      Want to start a business? Become a millionaire? Billionaire?

      California is the place you outta’ be!

      California cranks out more rich people before breakfast than Arizona does in a year.

      Heck, Bob, the computer you used to slur California was invented in California!

      States like Arizona, with low taxes and regulations, have not built great economies.The only people coming here to get rich are foreign owned mining companies.

      California, like New York, is proof that taxes and regulations do not slow economic growth, in fact, just the opposite.

      Why would a right wing Republican want to keep reminding people of that?

      It’s a head scratcher for sure…

      • Speak that truth. And if I were God for a one single day I would offer the US presidency position to Gavin Newsom.

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