People in Arizona should look at the actions or inactions of Senator Martha McSally over the last week and ask a similar question that was asked about George H.W. Bush in 1988: Where was Martha?

The McSally Senate campaign received contributions from Timothy Mellon, an individual who has made racially tinged comments.


Where was Martha to tell her people to give the money back?

Donald Trump is planning on holding a rally next week in Arizona during the middle of the Coronavirus where COVID 19 cases are surging in the Grand Canyon State with no major safety measures mandated for the event.

Where was Martha to tell Mr. Trump that this rally potentially risks the lives of Arizona’s citizens and to reschedule it for a time when it was safer?

Senator Martha McSally reacted favorably towards helping Dreamers after this week’s Supreme Court ruling allowing DACA recipients to temporarily stay in the country.

Where was Martha when she abandoned the Dreamers for political expediency in her first campaign for the Senate in 2018?

The Senate just confirmed the judicial appointment of McConnell disciple and Anti Affordable Care Act advocate Justin Walker.

Where was Martha? She was voting against the health care interests of Arizona residents in favor of Walker.

Arizona cities and towns need more aid to meet the needs stemming from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Governor Ducey has shorted all of the local municipalities under his charge.

Where is Martha? She is hardly anywhere to be seen in the fight for Arizonans to receive more federal and state aid?

It was revealed this week that Donald Trump was willing to sanction the construction of concentration camps and give China favorable trading options so he could save his political and family personal fortunes.

Where is Martha?  Is she defending the American ideal and the nation’s values? Is she championing the Republic and the United States Democratic system? No one has seen her doing any of that.

Campaign Contributions from a racist. A political rally that can risk lives. Not being there all the time for Dreamers. Judges that will vote against Arizonan’s health care interests. Arizona Cities and Towns needing more help to combat the Coronavirus. A President who supports concentration camps and the totalitarian governments that create them so he could reap political and financial benefits.

Where was Martha McSally when all these events were happening this week in Arizona and the nation.

Not standing on the side of the people and what this country is supposed to be about.

In 2021, when people ask where is Martha, the response should be:

No longer in the Senate.

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