Trump has made it perfectly clear he’s not interested in the will of America’s voters. He is only interested in how he can possibly remain in power regardless of the results of the election just weeks from now.

Barton Gellman of The Atlantic now reports that Trump’s election legal team has been quietly talking to state legislative leaders about a scenario under which Trump might be able to secure the electoral votes of GOP-controlled states regardless of the popular vote in those states.


Among such states is Arizona.

Polls indicate that Arizona’s voters are likely to choose a Democratic President, a Democratic U.S. Senator, and possibly even a Democratically-controlled state Senate or state House — or even all four. Yet the majority of the state’s Senate and House and Governorship are all currently controlled by the GOP.

Here’s how it works: there is no federal constitutional right to vote for state Presidential electors, there is only state laws and the forbearance of state legislatures in continuing to allow electors to be assigned according to the popular vote winner of the state. So, if the majority of the state legislature and the Governor of a state agree to certify a slate of Presidential electors to the popular vote loser, well, that’s sort of their “right”. Right? Well, there is no clear answer to that. And that’s the problem. Voters certainly expect it to be their right, but that “right” is not actually protected in our state or federal constitutions.

So there is only one line of questioning that should be on the lips of every Arizona political reporter when talking to a GOP state legislator or the Arizona Governor: Will you vow to follow the will of Arizona’s voters in certifying Arizona’s electors?

Anything less than a hearty and immediate “Yes!” is the headline of the day.

Second, they (and the state’s Congressional Delegation GOP members) should be asked if they have had any communication with anyone from the Trump Administration or campaign about Arizona’s electors.

Anything other than “No” is the headline of the day.

Then, every GOP legislator and the Governor should be getting FOIA demands for any record of such communications to ensure they aren’t lying, and such demands must be litigated, if necessary.

If there is ANY such communication, that’s the headline of the day.

Voters of Arizona face the very real threat of having their “right” to determine our state’s electoral college votes for President stripped from them by a lame-duck legislature. It’s literally the only election issue that matters between now and when those electors are certified.