World premiere of “They Call Me a Hero” play

Daniel Hernandez, Jr.

Daniel Hernandez, Jr., courtesy of  Daniel

WORLD PREMIERE They Call Me A Hero by Guillermo Reyes Based on A Memoir by Daniel Hernandez Directed by Barclay Goldsmith

Production by Borderlands Theater, performed at Zuzi Theater, 738 N. 5th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona,

Based on the memoirs of Daniel Hernandez, the 20 year old intern who saved Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s life and became a national hero, THEY CALL ME A HERO examines the life of an unexpected hero thrown into a whirl-wind of publicity. As his private life becomes public,Daniel’s family and upbringing in South Tucson provides the backbone that empowers him.


Performance times are Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 P.M. with Sunday matinees at 2:00 P.M. Opening Night $24, General $20, Senior $17, Student $14 (group rates and various discounts available) Please call the Borderlands Box Office (520)882-7406 to make your reservations. Order online as their website.

Carolyn’s note: Daniel Hernandez Jr. is a local Tucsonan, a graduate of the University ofArizona,  and is now a School Bd. member on the Sunnyside Unified School District governing board, and running for re-election. He wrote this memoir “They Call Me a Hero” in 2013 (which I have yet to read). Cover of book below:

TheyCallMea Hero

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  1. Just finished reading Daniel’s “They Call Me A Hero” autobiography about how he helped save Congresswoman Giffords’ life on 1/8/11, all the media attention he got after that tragedy, and how he made politics his passion in life (over his original goal to become a medical doctor). In the epilogue he talks of the five lessons he has learned in his short life: the importance of education, the value of kindness, the importance of civility, and the necessity of leadership and public service. Good luck Daniel in the rest of your already famous life. You are indeed a hero.