Wow. I thought only athletes got this kind of recognition

by David Safier

110113pv08Great story out of Palo Verde High. A school assembly was held, but the reason wasn't clear. When the students were assembled, out came 40 people from UA, "including cheerleaders, members of the pom squad and Wilma, one of the beloved U of A mascots." All to give UA letters of acceptance to more than 60 students.

Palo Verde is the first school to have this kind of presentation from the university. The number of early acceptance applications from Palo Verde increased dramatically over the past year. In 2012, the number of early acceptance recipients was 15. This year, 68 students were accepted. Ninety percent of those are first-generation college students.

The idea that the entire student body should be gathered together to congratulate and celebrate with these deserving students is terrific, especially at a school that doesn't have a strong record of students attending UA, especially when so many of the students will be the first in their families to attend college.

Look, everybody, they did it. You can do it too! That's what Superintendent H.T. Sanchez told the crowd.

TUSD Superintendent H.T. Sánchez added, "Today, ladies and gentlemen, you are setting a high standard, a new tradition at Palo Verde." He encouraged the whole student body to remember that it could be them earning admittance to college in the future.

Whoever was behind this special assembly, you deserve a bonus, or at the very least you should be paraded around on the shoulders of the school and district staff. This is the kind of "school spirit" that transcends the rah-rah of the playing field and creates an academic "Can do!" attitude.

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