You Are Invited! Tucson House Party for Joshua Polacheck for Arizona Corporation (Climate) Commission on June 19th!

If you are a regular reader of BlogForArizona, you probably know that I think the Arizona Corporation Climate Commission is a BFD.

We have an exciting opportunity this year to take control of the ACC in a single election cycle by electing Democrats to all three of the seats up for election this cycle (of five total seats on the ACC). The ACC is not only a critical component of Arizona government power – the ACC is often called the “Fourth Branch” of Arizona government – but a key policymaking agency for Arizona’s economic future.

The ACC’s powers to set rates, policy, and goals for energy generation and transmission, water, and transportation makes it a vital partner for a Democratic majority in the AZ Legislature to set Arizona on path to sustainable economic growth. Add to these that the ACC is the only state-wide race this year other than the Presidency, and the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sinema (I-Wall Street), and you have a very important race from a electoral strategy standpoint, as well.

Therefore, it will not come as any surprise that I am doing everything I can to get out the word about how vital the ACC race is to Democratic victory down the entire ballot this election, and to ensure the success of our three ACC candidates: Joshua Polacheck, Ylenia Aguilar, and Jon Hill.

Ylenia and Jon are running on Clean Elections funding, so their ability to accept private donations is limited to $5 qualifying contributions and up to $210 Seed Money donations from individual donors. Right now, only Ylenia is still able to collect such donations from individuals – Jon has hit his limits. So, if you have not yet done so, please go give Ylenia a qualifying $5 now and, if you can, some Seed Money, too! I’m maxed out, or I would donate more!

But Joshua Polacheck is running a traditionally funded campaign and can accept individual and PAC donations. Here’s the announcement and the RSVP and donation page for the event:

A few environmentalist friends of mine (Tucson Councilor Kevin Dahl, energy analyst Russell Lowes, and the home owners Eric Carr & Richard Rhoads) and I are holding a house party for Joshua’s campaign on the 19th of this month.

The party is being held at Eric and Richard’s stunning restored church in the University area. I was there recently for a traditional tea ceremony conducted by Eric, and I was floored by the care and attention to detail Eric and Richard poured into restoring this gem of early 20th century Tucson architecture and style. Space is limited, so don’t wait: RSVP and please donate generously today!

Please come and meet our Democratic candidate Joshua and enjoy Eric and Richard’s impeccable hospitality, and know that you are making a vital contribution to the success of the entire Democratic effort this election year, and to Democratic control of the Arizona Corporation Climate Commission!

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