1000 Words? No, 1,000,000

This picture is worth way more than 1,000 words:

Diane Douglas

Diane Douglas

Unbelievable. For those who don’t recognize her, it’s Diane Douglas, our Superintendent of Public Instruction. She’s removing the media microphones at a Department of Education meeting today.

Steve Lemons said it best: “This woman is a serious freak.”

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  1. Frances Perkins

    Mecham was all for his pickannines and Diane is too.

  2. As much as I want to despise Ms. Douglas, she does seem to be against charter schools & the transfer of public monies into private institutions. Plus, she is willing to go up against Governor Ducey. We definitely want to keep an eye (or two) on her.

  3. This just in…

    HEADLINE: Douglas charged with assault and battery on a microphone…and, well, free speech

    PHOENIX – In a stunning display of acrobatic agility and crass political stupidity, Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas, spring-boarded out of her chair at a Department of Education meeting and singlehandedly placed several news microphones in a full-nelson, then proceeded to mercilessly waterboard the U.S. Constitution.

    Witnesses say Douglas was screaming “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO RECORD THE SOUND OF MY VOICE WHEN I’M MAKING SOUNDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY HEAD WITHOUT MY CONTROL OR ANY BASIS IN REALITY” incessantly as she proceeded to eviscerate (my word, not hers, because she probably can’t spell all that well) the First Amendment.
    Asked by onlookers why she was so angry at the news media, Douglas reportedly replied, “I can’t answer your question right now because I have to catch my car pool to Conspiracy-landia so I can get home and continue my intensive research confirming my suspicion that Common Core is a Communist plot devised by Karl Marx, Barbara Streisand, Barack “Hussein” Obama, and the New York Times designed to brainwash our children into thinking that a quality education might actually help their prospects of ever finding gainful employment in an increasingly complex and global economy (my words, not hers, because she has trouble saying more than two syllables at a time).”

    Immediately after Douglas’ mic attack, not to be confused with a Mac attack, which is lot more fattening (obscure old TV commercial reference), she
    ordered Department of Public Safety officers in the room to arrest Stephen Lemons, Laurie Roberts, Mark Twain and basically anyone whose ever written anything mean about her or even looks in her direction, because, as she put it, “This job is really, really hard guys, and, come on, I’m just as surprised as anyone that I got elected.”

    The DPS officers ignored Douglas’ instruction, reportedly because Gov. Ducey texted them this message: “Please restrain her and have her sedated until I can secure an Attorney General’s opinion on whether she has a right to strangle microphones.”

    More news at 10….unfortunately.

    (Photo below by the Arizona Republic)

  4. captain*arizona

    While you laugh at her the republican voter laughs at you all the way to the voting booth and they are 70% of the white vote! Either register more hispanics or find out why they prefer to vote for the republican village idiot then a democrat.

  5. I’m guessing besides not liking Common Core she also is against Arizona Open meeting Laws

  6. What’s the attribution of the photo?

  7. And the freak show that is the Arizona State Government gets into gear.