A snapshot look at the GOP ‘mystery candidates’ for Tucson City Council


Late on Friday, statements of organization were finally filed for three Republican Tucson City council candidates, but not for mayor — yet.

TucsonWard 1: Bill Hunt is an ex military and airline pilot, and flight instructor. Mr. Hunt also worked at Raytheon (position not known). He says he does “a lot of flying for the Flying Samaritans and usually make at least one trip a month to Baja Mexico either for the Samartians or for fun.”

Ward 2: Kelly Lawton is also a “third degree medical” pilot, and is director of the Tucson Embry-Riddle Aernonautical University in Tucson. According to his Facebook page, he likes Rand Paul, wants to “stop” Hillary Clinton, and is a 2nd Amendment supporter.

Ward 4: Margaret Burkholder has previous experience as a candidate, running for the Vail School District Governing Board. In 2012, she had served eight years on the Vail board, and was serving as board president. Burkholder is currently serving as a Vail board member. She is a member of the Arizona and National School Board Associations and was presented with the “Master of Boardmanship.” Her teaching experience has ranged from preschool through college, and she was recognized as a Master Teacher from Intel’s Teach to the Future program and has served on the Leadership in Discrete Mathematics cadre of Rutgers University. Her candidate bio for the Vail School Board in 2012 says that she was working as Senior mathematics coordinator-curriculum instruction and professional development, Tucson Unified School District.

The Pima County GOP has no announcements on its web site, and these candidates do not appear to have established a campaign web site of their own as yet. I would expect a formal press release introducing these candidates to the local news media this week.


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