Al Melvin, Tea Party candidate for governor

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Screenshot-11Cap'n Al Melvin at the Arizona GOP Awards Dinner the night before the Arizona GOP Winter State Committee Meeting last month, said that he would "proudly wave the flag of the Tea Party." (video below the fold).

This video is pure Cap'n Al, unplugged.

As I have said before, the Neo-Confederate dead-enders and John Birchers need to get their own damn political party and stop hijacking the hollowed-out carcass of the Republican Party for the legitimacy of the party label.

This is not your father's GOP. The "Party of Lincoln" long ago ceased to exist. This is a hostile takeover by a band of far-right radicals and extremists.


One response to “Al Melvin, Tea Party candidate for governor

  1. Frances Perkins

    Just because people like Melvin, Burges, Seel, Ward and Barton are delusional doesn’t mean the voters have to be. They are all out to “out crazy” each other in the 13% Republican primary.