Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes on Rising Anti-Semitic Incidents: “Hatred has No Place in Our State”

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes

While attending an emergency meeting of the Arizona Civil Rights Advisory Board earlier today (November 21, 2023) State Attorney General Kris Mayes condemned recent hate crimes including Anti-Semitic ones, saying “hatred has no place in our state.”

In her comments, the Attorney General, after calling for this emergency meeting, relayed that it was necessary to act now because “hate and Anti-Semitism are clearly on the rise in Arizona and across the country” and the need to “combat hate based crimes and Anti-Semitism in our communities.”

Calling these hate crimes an “affront to the values that we uphold as Arizonans and Americans,” Ms. Mayes “reaffirmed” her offices “commitment to protecting the safety and dignity of all Arizonans” including speaking out against these evils, making sure our communities are “safe and inclusive,” public reporting of these incidents, and prosecuting people or groups accused of conducting these heinous acts.

Saying “hatred has no place in our state,” the Attorney General said all those gathered at the meeting “stand against those who seek to divide us with their bigotry.”

While maintainig that everyone has the right to free speech, including statements and literature that others would “find objectionable,” she further said “it was crucial to distinquish between protected speech and criminal acts of violence and threats.”

Ms. Mayes also reminded those gathered that these policies were not just applicable to Anti-Semitic incidents. She said:

“Let me be clear. We also condemn in the strongest possible terms acts of hatred and violence against all people whether they be Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Gay, or Transgender. Hatred and violence targeted at anyone for who they are is unequivocally wrong…”

The Attorney General concluded her opening remarks by stating:

“Diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect are the cornerstones of our society. Acts of hatred and bigotry against any group undermine these fundamental values. We must stand together in the fight against Anti-Semitism and all forms of hate based violence. These are not just attacks on specific communties. They are attacks on the very fabric of our society.

9 thoughts on “Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes on Rising Anti-Semitic Incidents: “Hatred has No Place in Our State””

  1. When the Black Lives Matter movement began, people who said all lives mattered were accused of being racist. So why aren’t those accusers now calling AG Mayes anti-Semitic for after condemning anti-Semitism adding that she also condemns other forms of hate-based violence? Could any BforA hypocrisy experts explain that?

    • Bold move, John Government Checks Kavanagh, to take the pro-hate-crime side in the debate.

      Not unexpected from you, but still, very bold.

      “All lives matter” is racist because it was racists (like you) who said it in a racist way (like you).

      Twisted “logic” and nonsensical word salad aside, ever notice how this creep keeps bringing up hypocrisy?

      Project much Trollboy? Yeah you do. That’s your own very smooth brain thinking you’re racist trash and rebelling against you.

      Next he’ll be doing his famous “if they can say the n-word why can’t I” bit.

      It kills at the klan meetings.

      FYI, John, all lives don’t matter until cops stop murdering black folks, and your party is going broke because of your support of a racist convicted rapist, so maybe put a little more thought into what battles you choose to lose.


    • Johnny, I don’t know how you come up with this stuff.

      Black Lives Matter originated in social media after the acquittal of George Zimmerman who killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012. There is a widely held belief, by myself included, that Zimmerman got away with murder. Afterwards the killings of unarmed blacks by police and others began getting more attention and the hashtag evolved into a movement.

      The flippant response, “all lives matter”, is disrespectful to say the least. It’s not necessarily racist although I’m sure many racists think that way. For the most part, it is just ignorant. Moral of the story, don’t try to diminish someone else’s social justice movement with ignorant slogans.

      IT seems clear that there is absolutely no relationship between “all lives matter” and AG Mayes condemning all forms of hate based violence after speaking specifically to anti-Semitic violence which is her focus at the moment.
      Your comment intends to create a false equivalence that just doesn’t exist.

      • I appreciate your substantive reply, the only one that rose above the usual personal attacks leveled against me. Michael really seems to be taking this stuff very personal. To bad.
        Anyway, just keep in mind that not everyone who said “All lives matter” was flippant. You should not generalize that way.

        • John, Liza said the same thing I did, that your comment made no sense and why.

          I keep commenting on your inability to think things through and your paucity of reading comprehension skills.

          But I’m realizing I’m way off base.

          No one could possibly be as stupid as you present yourself here, you’re clearly a rhetorical genius using a dumb guy persona to make subtle observations that are way over all of our heads.

          I mean, you must be super smart to have spent your entire life gaming the system so you could live off the taxpayer dime while also complaining about other people mooching off the good hardworking people of Arizona. And Jersey. And who knows where else.

          I am in awe of your intellect, you feeble minded racist POS hypocrite.

          Was that better?


    • Interesting to watch a second-rate mind struggle to function in the real world. Try again, Senator. Perhaps one day you can make a comment without the leopards eating your face…

  2. Great to hear Attorney General Mayes speaking up She is 1000 percent right on !
    We need to always behave like decent and responsible people and call out and stop the ugly and dangerous behavior that hurts and undermines civility in our communities, our state and our nation. A strong message that we MUST heed to protect our civilization and thrive.

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