Arizona Daily Star endorsements in LD 11


The Arizona Daily Star today endorsed Democrats Jo Holt for the Senate and Holly Lyon for the House in Republican leaning Legislative District 11, because the ideological extremist Tea-Publican candidates are so godawful.

Traditional Republicans and Independents in LD 11 are going to have to get over their GOP tribalism — voting for anyone with an “(R)” behind his or her name on the ballot — and do your patriotic duty by voting for the most qualified and most reasonable candidates on the ballot. Principles over party! Legislative District 11: Star endorses Lyon, Finchem, Holt:

LyonThe Star endorses Holly Lyon and Mark Finchem to represent Legislative District 11 in the Arizona House and Jo Holt for the Senate.

Lyon, a Democrat, and Finchem, a Republican, are both first-time candidates. Each has a diverse professional background that combines work in the public and private sectors.

* * *

The Legislature needs members who bring skills and experience to their positions and who do not hew to inflexible ideology.

Lyon, Finchem and Holt strike us as practical people looking for solutions to the complicated problems that face our state.

[W]e differ with Finchem on several important issues — he is anti-reproductive choice, for example . . .

Well, then the appropriate thing to do is to endorse only one candidate. The Star does not have to endorse two candidates.

Lyon identified returning Highway User Revenue Fund money to municipalities as a priority, and we agree. The Legislature was supposed to return that money to localities for road maintenance but instead used it to plug budget holes in the state budget.

Lyon, a retired Air Force colonel, has experience that’s sorely needed in the Legislature as it debates border security. She has worked on creating a virtual border fence.

We appreciate Lyon’s get-to-work approach to what will be a monumental task facing lawmakers: how to pay $317 million that a Maricopa County judge says the Legislature must pay the state’s schools now and the more than $1 billion still owed.

“We need to negotiate with the schools,” she said. A simple, realistic tack.

I strongly urge voters in LD 11 to “single shot” Holly Lyon in the House race — by voting for two candidates, you would only help elect one of her opponents. Vote only once for Holly Lyon in the House.

Jo HoltJo Holt, a Democrat, ran for office in 2012 and lost to Sen. Al Melvin. She is a scientist and brings a methodical approach to the state’s problems, seeing connections between education and economic development. She said the Legislature has spent too much time and money passing bills, like the immigration lightning rod SB 1070, that end up in court and damage Arizona’s national reputation. We agree.

Holt, however, has work to do. A self-described introvert, she needs to bolster her presentation skills, and fast, if she’s to have influence at the Capitol.

Style over substance? Really? The Star later corrects its superficiality: “By endorsing Holt we support substance over style.” Well, OK then.

I know Jo Holt. She may be soft-spoken, but when she speaks she is always thoughtful and is highly intelligent. She is not the loud-mouthed, ignorant and always offensive Cap’n Al Melvin whom she seeks  to replace. Holt is a major upgrade in class and quality of legislative representation for LD 11, and will be a breath of fresh air after years of the toxic Cap’n Al Mevin, and his equally toxic seatmate, Steve Smith.

Vote for Jo Holt and only Holly Lyon in LD 11.

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  1. You are absolutely correct about the quality of our, Democratic, candidates in LD 11!
    You are also correct in recommending that voters caste a ballot for Lyon and do not use their second vote in the state House race. It’s a shame we have only one candidate for the two seats but there is no point in cancelling your vote by voting for anyone else.

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