As Crowd Chants “You Are Done” CD2 Candidate Yahya Yuksel Refuses to Quit Race for Congress


In a a shocking display of narcissism, Democratic CD2 Congressional Candidate Yahya Yuksel announced he will stay in the race despite rape allegations which he tried to cover up. An angry crowd of about 35 people chanted “You are Done” as he walked away with his campaign manager.

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Casting himself as a victim in a case of rape allegations, he started by giving lip service to the #MeToo movement, and adding “Regarding the allegations, it’s deeply disturbing to me. It hurts. I could never ever force myself on someone.” Only in response to questions did he say he would stay in the race.

As he walked out of the room, a woman shouted “Coward” and the crowd began chanting “Shame on You. Shame on You.”

The event could not have been handled worse. It devolved into chanting and shouts as an audience of rape survivors and other women responded furiously. His mother Apameh Bashar and father Edip Yuksel tried to defend their son and shouting matches exploded.

Yuksel stood briefly in the hallway of his campaign offices and actually defended himself by saying, “I was a virgin,” regarding the rape allegations until he was led away by his campaign manager.

I am disgusted and disheartened by Yahya’s statement and his family and campaign’s performance here. He said he would talk to us, so I expect answers,” said Veronica Nicole who has led discussions about Yuksel on Facebook.

“I also expect people in positions of power and the media to demand answer to these questions. I will not stop until he steps down. Because he does not deserve to represent the women of this community,” she said.



    • From the article:

      “The Pima County Democratic Party’s leadership is planning to meet this week to review Yuksel’s candidacy, said Executive Director Heath Butrum, who attended the press conference.

      Under state law, Yuksel’s name cannot at this point be removed from the ballot, even if he drops out of the race.”

  1. If this incident proves nothing else, it proves Mr. Yuksel is miserable at crisis management. This is an under-rated and vital skill in politics and Mr. Yuksel has failed that test in spades.

  2. 1. This is an organized mob attack, defamation and lie.

    2. The complaint against the 17yo Yahya was not EVEN investigated

    3. The witness denied her allegation

    4. She then retracted her complaint

    5. Yahya learned about the report just before acceptance to CAL Bar

    6. All women should be heard. Yet, truth and justice should not be the sacrifice.

    7. Politicians who use the MeToo movement for their political end will not help women; it will only help scoundrels/slanderers.

    8. The 17yo Yahya was innocent; he will defend himself against mobs.

    9. This is character assassination.

    10. If it was a Criminal Record, the court would have expunged it from Yahya’s record, and you would not be able to use it.

    11. It is irony that the very lack of evidence of the retracted complaint has become your asset.

    12. How can you serve journalism if you are lynching a young man based on an accusation which did not even meet the minimum threshold of investigation against him while he was a teenager?

    13. This mobbing and political character assassination that violates the basic and universal principles of justice does not serve any victim. It only serves those who exploit raw emotions of abused women.

    14. A movement that seeks to defend women against abusers and rapists cannot attack innocent people and remain pro-victim.

    15. A movement that acts as a nasty prosecutor, as a prejudicial judge and as vicious executioner, is doomed to experience the fate of McCarthyism.

    16. FYI, as a father, I advised both of my sons to adhere the following principles which I followed all my life:
    a. Never drink alcoholic beverages.
    b. Never have sex without marriage.
    c. Never lie.
    d. Never gamble.
    e. Never use obscene language.

    17. We are considering to file a lawsuit for defamation against those who directly or implicitly accuse my son for a crime he never committed.

  3. Had he taken responsibility at any point since 2007 he would not be in this boat. It’s not about did he or didn’t he. It is about listening, learning and admitting ANY mistake. At minimum, he took advantage of a young girl when he himself was young. I was prepared to hear him say “I am sorry and I am listening to your concerns.” He didn’t. THAT was the moral failure.

  4. forcing him out is shameful, the woman never pressed charges and the witness to this event stated it was consensual sex between adults, are we going to shame every teenage that experiments with sex? this is now bordering on insanity

  5. He must be DIS-invited from the Candidate Forum. To do this would not be a mob-with-pitchforks response–it’s simple common sense.

  6. I’m curious as to why you cut the second video off before the woman asked her question about whether he in fact had had sex with the intoxicated teenager. Why not show that question and his answer? Isn’t that the heart of this whole fiasco?

  7. I thought Yahya had great potential. Ya never know – so now he is a virgin – carrying a condom (waiting for a drunk 16 year old girl?) – plus a DUI – and he wants us to feel that he is a winning replacement for McSally. The republicans would have him for lunch. I recognize that people running for office must have very strong egos – but they also need to be considered as honest, trustworthy, and electable. When you have a messy past, as Yahya now does, it is best to move on – and not do things like run for office. He would never win. Granted he was never charged for the rape, but he was charged for the DUI. That equates to a messy past. Not the way to start out in politics. None of us are perfect. Just some imperfections are not good ones to have when running for political office.

  8. So I guess it is safe to predict that the CD2 Candidate Forum on 7-19 will completely forego everything else that is happening in the country and focus on the rape allegations against Mr. Yuksel.


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