Santos flashes a sign while voting

George Santos: Just Another Self-Hating Minority Riding MAGA Coattails

It appears newly-elected Congressman George Santos (R-NY) made a white power symbol while in the House Chambers. Now before you say, “Stahhhhhp. No, he did not!,” I’ll explain. No one casually rests a hand in this awkward, backward position. It’s purposeful, made as a public statement, as in “Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.” to MAGA buddies. … Read more

Long line of voters

Pranking Democracy — The GOP’s Ploy to Screw with Vote Counts

Democrats are urging voters to return mail ballots immediately to allow vote counting to progress at a timely pace. By contrast, Republicans are telling voters to keep mail ballots until Election Day, so they can stop Democrats from allegedly manipulating vote counts. This GOP malarkey is yet another example of how Republicans would rather burn … Read more

Book Burning

I Read Banned Books, AKA Book Banning is a Shanda

This November, before you vote in the midterms, perhaps blissfully unaware that all elections matter, consider this. Book banning initiatives – or, as I call them, “virtual book burnings” – have cast a shadow over the future of public education. Arizonans will soon elect new public school board members. By voting for the wrong candidates, … Read more