Call Your Arizona Congressional Rep on #TPP National Day of Action (video)


stop tpp signActivists worldwide have been organizing, educating, protesting, writing, and sharing stories and videos to tell the citizens of the world just how bad the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal is for people.  After all, anything written in secret by 600 multinational corporations can’t be good for us.

This Wednesday– June 3, 2015– is another national day of action against the TPP. Organizers are calling on us– all of us– to call our representatives in the US House of Representatives on Wednesday and tell them to vote NO on the fast track authorization for the TPP.

The top three people to call in Arizona are Representatives:

Martha McSally: Ron Barber stood with workers and opposed the TPP. What about you, Martha? Will she stand for corporate people or humans? (BTW, On June 3,  the TPP Flushers will be protesting in front of Martha’s office at 4400 E. Broadway Blvd at 9:30 a.m. Bring signs.)

Kyrsten Sinama: She has been a Wall Street darling since she went to Congress, but a recent anti-TPP protest at her office may have sparked a no vote on the TPP. Let’s encourage her to stand with us this time– instead of Wall Street.

Ann Kirkpatrick: Ann is a blue dog Democrat, but in the last Congress she had a better voting record than Sinema or Barber, when it came to issues that would help everyday Arizonans. Ann recently announced that she will challenge Senator John McCain for for the Senate in 2016. Show us how different you are from McCain and vote NO on the TPP, Ann! (Don’t make Barber’s mistake of not sufficiently separating your views from your opponent’s.)

Although I am suggesting calling these three women, by all means call as many representatives as you want to. If you live in any of the Republican districts– please call them (Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon, Trent Franks, David Schweikert). Any if you have Ruben Gallego or Raul Grijalva as representatives, you can call and thank them for standing for workers and against global corporate takeover. (Gallego and Grijalva are actually holding public forums on the TPP– June 5 in Phoenix and June 6 in Tucson.)

Most Democrats are against the TPP because it is bad for workers (to put it mildly), while most Republicans– ironically– are aligned with President Obama, who has been a TPP cheerleader and who is responsible for the secretive nature of the TPP.

No one can read it. What’s up with that? The TPP has 29 chapters, and to date, only a handful of chapters– intellectual propertyenvironment, investment — have been released to the public by WikiLeaks– not by President Obama. 

Check out this recent Democracy Now interview with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks here.

And this one about copyright laws under the TPP here.

The PDA Tucson website here also has several other TPP videos. #StopFastTrack and #FlushTheTPP. Let’s stop this deal because it is bad for people and bad for our planet.


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