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Press release from the Dr. Ricahrd Carmona for U.S. Senate campaign:

Carmona for Arizona airs new Spanish TV ad
“No Para” contrasts Carmona and Flake positions on DREAM Act, education

The Carmona for Arizona campaign will start running its second Spanish-language television ad Tuesday. The thirty-second spot will air statewide and contrasts Dr. Richard Carmona's support for the DREAM Act and funding for education with Congressman Flake’s opposition to the DREAM Act and desire to eliminate the Department of Education.

Carmona dropped out of high school, but found new opportunity in the Army — where he earned his GED while training to become a Special Forces soldier. Carmona got into community college through an open enrollment program for veterans and went to college and medical school on the GI Bill. Carmona is running to make sure every kid today gets that same shot at the American Dream.

The campaign is also launching a companion Spanish-language radio ad, which will air statewide.

Video below the fold.