4 thoughts on “Cartoon of The Week”

  1. these gun polls are like the 2016 state election polls. believe them at your own risk. ( as clintonista’s found out the hard way) I have seen these gun polls fool democrats into gun grabbing for 40+ years. all it accomplished was reminding the voters why they hate democrats and voted them out of office! president obama ignored the gun grabbers and won the presidency twice. gun grabber clinton lost. what happens if you run against mcsally as a gun grabber or state wide? you might get away with it in gravjalda’s district or gallegos. sinema’s district I doubt it. you notice the media only put on gun control supporting victims and families of las vegas shooting .

  2. I guess we just have to hope that Donald Trump is the nadir of the nation’s presidency. God help us if it gets any worse.


    • It was thought the presidency could not get any worse than W. Then Deadbeat Donnie happened. Who’s next in the nut job pipeline?

      • Well, it appears to be wide open now that Trump has proved that an old, fat, disgusting, greed-driven, racist, misogynistic, lying con man can occupy the Oval Office. I guess that just because we can’t imagine a worse president doesn’t mean that one isn’t lurking out there. Scary…

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