Commentary On the Arizona Legislature’s Rules To End Transparency And Accountability

Update to Authoritarian Arizona GQP Leadership Adopts Rules To End Transparency And Accountability. Jim Small at the Arizona Mirror writes, Fear and loathing in the Arizona legislature The Republicans who run our state legislature are terrified. They’re terrified that their policy proposals are deeply unpopular. Terrified of facing even a tiny bit of accountability. Terrified … Read more

Anti-Immigrant Hysteria About ‘Caravans’ About To Consume The Media Again

CNN reports, Appeals court rejects bid by GOP-led states to keep Title 42 border policy in force: A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a bid by several Republican-led states to keep the so-called Title 42 rule in force, after a district court struck the controversial Trump-era border policy down. The new ruling from the … Read more

Democrats Had a Good Night In State Legislatures In The Midterm Election

Above: Michigan’s governor/secretary of state/attorney general will have “trifecta” control of the Michigan legislature for the first time in 40 years after a citizens initiative created an independent redistricting commission to create competitive fair districts. Despite Democratic gains in 2018 and 2020, turning Arizona into a “purple state,” The so-called Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission earlier … Read more

The Red Ripple in Arizona

Ballots are still being counted in many races, but the overall national gestalt of midterm ’22 is clear: this is the weakest performance by the out party in the past two generations. There are a few main reasons, IMO, for the GOP’s historic misfire: They attacked women’s fundamental constitutional right to autonomy and full equality. … Read more

The GQP Plot To End American Democracy By A Judicial Coup

Note: A group photo with new Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has not yet been published. The 2022-23 Supreme Court term begins the first Monday in October. The most consequential case on the court’s docket is ostensibly a redistricting case from North Carolina, Moore v. Harper, but it is so much more than this. The MAGA/QAnon … Read more