Redistricting 101: Competitive vs. Safe Districts and Balancing

The US Constitution requires each state to redraw the boundaries of congressional districts every ten years based on the results of the most recent national census. Like other states, Arizona takes this opportunity to redraw the boundaries of its state legislative districts as well. For decades, the partisan legislatures used this authority to draw so-called … Read more

The Fix is In: Newest Voting District Maps are Skewed to Favor Republicans

The “Independent” Redistricting Commission adopted maps that will give Republicans an unfair edge in electing state legislators. The biased map would freeze the narrow Republican majority in the statehouse for ten years. The legislative map is designed to ensure the election of Republicans in Pima County. The congressional map allows Republicans to dominate in three … Read more

Stop Gerrymandering Now: Submit Your Comments to the Redistricting Commission

The Independent Redistricting Commission will meet on Thursday to decide on Congressional and Legislative Draft Maps. They will discuss a pro-Republican map written by Anna Clark, the second vice-chair of the Pima County GOP, and surreptitiously submitted as being from the anti-worker Southern Arizona Leadership Council. Democrats must continue to comment at the links below: … Read more

(UPDATED) Red Alert: Redistricting Commission Gerrymanders Arizona into Many GOP Districts

This is an urgent call to action: send in a comment today and Thursday to object to the pro-Republican maps proposed by the Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC). It creates 15 solid Republican voting districts (up from 13) and shrinks solid Democratic districts to only 10 (down from 13). The Commissioners met this morning and approved … Read more