Report: ‘Inside the Christian right plan to “remodel” the nation’

“Fanaticism is not synonymous with faith; it is merely faith at its worst.” – Andrew Sullivan, from America’s New Religions. There is religious fanaticism loose in America. Jonathan Davis writes that “Christian nationalism – including the tendency of many evangelicals to seek power for themselves (and their version of Christianity) – is a threat to … Read more

Subpoenas to go out for Trump tax returns and financial records (Updated)

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal re-upped his demand for President Donald Trump’s tax returns on Saturday, telling IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig he has until April 23 to turn over the documents. Neal gives IRS commissioner new deadline for handing over Trump’s tax returns: “Please know that, if you fail to comply, your … Read more

The GOP’s ‘great assault on the judiciary’ to preserve white power

Last week, Senate Republicans rammed through a Senate rules change enabling faster approval of President Donald Trump’s unvetted and unqualified judicial nominees. Two advocacy groups released reports showing the far-reaching and long-lasting damage his confirmed federal judges have already inflicted on the nation. New reports detail damage done by Trump’s far-right takeover of the judiciary — … Read more

Trump tax plan: twice as many corporations pay no taxes

While many taxpayers are scrambling to make last-minute payments due to the Internal Revenue Service on April 15 because of changes to tax withholding in the Trump tax bill enacted by a Republican Congress, “many of the country’s largest publicly-held corporations are doing better: They’ve reported they owe absolutely nothing on the billions of dollars … Read more

The coming legal battle over Congress getting the full Mueller Report and supporting evidence

Last week, a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that grand-jury testimony and information may be disclosed only to prosecutors, defendants and other grand juries and that judges may not carve out exceptions to the secrecy already mandated by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. The majority (two Republican … Read more