Center for Arizona Policy is poll dancing!


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The militant God-botherers at the Center for Arizona Policy are positively giddy over a poll they conducted that they claim shows the country is on their side on same sex marriage.

cap poll marriage

Impressive! But, oh wait, here’s what another poll says when people are asked specifically about same sex marriage:

pew gay

And let’s poll dance on over on to this other set of polls about another type of marriage that was oh-so-controversial not a few years ago:

interracial marriage polls

It took an entire twenty four years after the Loving v Virginia decision for Americans to get used to the idea of interracial marriage enough to give it a bare majority in public opinion. But they got used to it. Enough to elect a President in 2008, and again in 2012, who was the product of such a marriage in 1961, back when maybe 10% of the country supported such a thing. Settle down, Cathi Herrod, and stop wasting your time with the push polls. You’re on the losing side of history.