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The Politics Blog by Charles Pierce at Esquire is one of the must reads because he is so entertaining and funny. Pierce has two posts recently on the state of the Beltway media villagers that are worth a full read (excerpted here).

What Are The Gobshites Saying These Days?:

Welcome back to our weekly survey of the state of Our National Dialogue which, of course, is what Bizet would have come up with had he composed Carport.

Before we begun, let us partially immunize ourselves with a dose of The Washington Post,
the largest and deadliest blight ever to afflict elite political
. Last week, apparently, they engaged Greg Mitchell of The Nation to write a piece analyzing the performance of the elite political media in the run-up to the Iraq debacle. (The Post
has spent the years since helping to launch the disaster giving jobs to
a lot of the people behind it, including word-'ho Michael Gerson and
torture-porn enthusiast Marc Thiessen.)

Mitchell turned in the piece and it was killed by the Post, a formerly great newspaper now sucking hind tit on the lucrative scam that is the educational-testing industry. However, the Post
did run another piece arguing that elite political journalism did not
suck as much pondwater as it has been accused of sucking. The truly
hilarious element of the story is the excuse that the Post gave for killing his column.

We invited Greg Mitchell — a journalist for whom we have
great respect — to contribute a piece for Outlook on the art of the Iraq
war mea culpa. We'd noticed that journalists and policy types had been
issuing statements of apology on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of
the invasion, and we thought it would be interesting to have someone
analyze the phenomenon in greater depth. He agreed to do it and we were
grateful that he turned it around in short order, given our tight
deadline. However, upon reviewing the draft, we felt that the piece
offered too much of a rundown of the apologies, rather than drawing many
broader analytical points or insights.

"Broader analytical points or insights"? These are the people who
publish Thiessen on torture, George Effing Will's experiments with
climate-change denialism, and Michael Gerson on anything.
These are people who will publish any prominent conservative who can
find a crayon. Here's my broader analytical point — everyone associated
with The Washington Post editorial page — and a lot of the
executives on the news side, especially the ones that buried Walter
Pincus's great work back on A13 — are complicit in hundreds of thousands
of deaths, and they should all have their heads shaved, the phrase "I
fked up the world" tattooed on their scalps, and sent off to work in the
wards at Walter Reed until they collapse from exhaustion
. My insights
are fairly well summed up by the phrase, "Shut the fk up forever…"

Things In Politico That Make Me Want To Guzzle Antifreeze, Part The Infinity:

We are treated to a little miracle today. The
folks at Tiger Beat On The Potomac, in the person of Jonathan Martin,
who really should know better than this, have managed to define their entire raison d'etre in a single sentence.

Last year's It Boy of the graying Republican Party has been
bigfooted by the GOP's new twin heartthrobs, Sens. Marco Rubio of
Florida and Rand Paul of Kentucky

If he'd only run off with The Virgin Bachelor, or knock up a
Kardashian, we could sell this puppy at every checkout stand in every
grocery store in America.

In conversations with scores of Republicans in Washington
and beyond, it's striking how little organic support or even interest
there is for a Ryan presidential bid so soon after Mitt Romney elevated
the Wisconsin wonk to the highest levels of national political stardom.
Open-ended questions about who is drawing early attention don't even
include a pro forma mention of last year's popular vice presidential

What you have here is a perfect example of the courtier media
de-mythologizing their own myth
. Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny
starver from Wisconsin and most recent first runner-up in the
vice-presidential pageant, always was an acharismatic charlatan. He is
not a "wonk." He just plays one in the newspaper columns.

And being
Willard Romney's vice-presidential candidate placed him at "the highest
levels of national political stardom"? Well, maybe, but does anyone
remember what he did when he finally got center stage? He fell into the
orchestra pit. Joe Biden literally laughed him out of relevance and, by
the end of it, he was doing supermarket openings in Alabama. He is a
terrible retail politician and, every time he turns out another "budget"
filled with hot air and fudge, he demonstrates that his only alleged
political asset is a dreadful combination of ignorance and fakery.

You should check out Charles Pierce regulary.

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