Checking Out The Opposition — I Hope We Have Higher Standards

Posted by Bob Lord

Ordinarily, I reserve checking out the other side's blogs for those moments where I have to kill a few minutes and there really is nothing else to read. I do take the time to read what conservative thinkers (Peggy Noonan, Ross Douthat, David Brooks, for example) have to say. They make valid points. Disregarding them would be creating our own echo chamber. 

I generally look to the local conservative bloggers more for entertainment. Today was different. I was curious to see where they were on the election, so I checked out Sonoran Alliance. I found two interesting tidbits, one not related to the election. On the election related matter, they had a column where they put odds on each candidate running for office in AZ. The odds were biased, so the odds they placed on any one candidate were meaningless in the abstract. But the comparisons were revealing in one respect. They considered both Paton and Parker to be favorites (of course), but they had Paton as the more certain favorite. I would have thought they'd consider Parker their better bet. Hard to say what their reason is, though.

The other morsel, and the reason for the second part of my title, was this post. These ass hats  actually still invite Andy Thomas, who has been totally disgraced, to keynote at Republican functions, and then advertise it in a way that indicates they're proud of it. Wow! The guy was disbarred!!! I hope we would have more dignity in the event one of ours became this large an embarassment. And if some Democratic group laked the sense not to go down such a road, I hope we wouldn't pay good money to hear a slimebag speak.

I guess Tom Horne still has a future in the Arizona Republican Party after all.

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