Clinton crushes wingnuttia talking point of the week

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I told you earlier this week about the wingnuttia talking point of the week, Obama's greeting of Venezuela strong man Hugo Chavez. "OMG! He shook his hand!" Apparently this is a sign of the pending Apocalypse and the end of the world as we know it.

This wingnuttia talking point advanced by Dr. Newt "The Professor" Gingrich and repeated ad naseum within the wingnuttia mighty Wurlitzer echo chamber of Faux News is that treating our opponents in the world with simple courtesy and a willingness to speak to them face-to-face is a sign of American weakness and threatens our national security. How utterly insecure does one have to be to believe that the most powerful nation in the world is threatened by a third world strong man who is not even as popular in his own country as is President Obama? This is utter nonsense.

But today, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) framed a question directly from the wingnuttia talking point of the week (he must have been taking notes during Sean Hannity last night) for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Pence dutifully repeated the wingnuttia talking point (oh, so clever) like a good little boy.

Hillary Clinton crushes the wingnuttia talking point of the week out of the park, and crushes Mike Pence's soul in the process. Mikey looks like a puppy smacked on the nose with a rolled up newspaper at the end of this video.

Bravo Secretary Clinton! This is how to respond to the nonsense from the right-wing noise machine.


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  1. How can someone who is elected in free and fair elections a dictator? It is stuff like this that makes no sense. I did like how Obama pointed out the tremendous imbalance in military power between the US and Venezeula and the idea the present some enemy threat is laughable.

  2. It is no wonder this election was such a one in a million race! She handled this so well weaving in history like that. Thanks.