Tonight: Dark Money, Charles Koch, and the UA Freedom Center


TONIGHT: April 3 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

On Tuesday, April 3rd, there will be a panel discussion open to the public in Room 211 of the Education Building on the UA campus.

“The discussion will cover

  • Campus organizing and its successes against some of the academic centers that the Koch donor network has insinuated into hundreds of colleges and universities around the U.S.;
  • The intrusion by the UA Freedom Center of biased economics courses into high schools in Arizona, notably in Tucson;
  • The recent expansion of the Freedom Center’s beachhead at UA into a freestanding academic department, called the “Department of Political Economy and Moral Science;”
  • The Koch donor network’s longstanding project to subvert democracy in this country.

As Prof. Nancy MacLean explained in her appearances at the Tucson Festival of Books on 3/11/18 and in a subsequent lecture sponsored by the UA History Department on 3/12, our country is in grave danger. The UA Freedom Center and its activities are one small part of the far-right libertarian effort to win by stealth what they have been unable to win at the ballot box. Come to the discussion on 4/3 and learn more about the local Freedom Center, the Koch donor network, and the threat that they constitute to all but the super-rich in our land.”

Prof. David Gibbs will be the moderator, and the four panelists will be as follows:

  • David Gibbs, Professor of History, moderator
  • Samantha Parsons, UnKoch My Campus, Grassroots Campaign Strategist
  • David Safier, a regular contributor to Tucson Weekly
  • Douglas Weiner, Professor of History
  • Jeremy Vetter, Associate Professor of History

For further info call 520-323-0555.


  1. While I certainly share Nauta M’s concern about Koch influence, we on the left must avoid stigmatizing any religious group. Let’s not go there.

  2. well when you look at Sean Noble who ‘brought koch brothers to az ” who is a big time mormon, and then look at the connection with the colleges to mormons , the President of ASu giving a speeh with BYU on the podium. There seems to be quite a connection to the cult .
    Is anyone else seeing this ? But there is more involved with the mormons as far as Kochtopus, when the dir of the AZ auditor gen, the eeoc, the psychology bd , nursing bd, dental bd, legislature senate, chamber of commerce’s , judges all run by mormons. I hope someone else is picking on this take over in AZ !

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