DNC_DonkeyThe GOP-friendly media villagers in Arizona will occasionally demonstrate their bias by asserting that Democrats “are irrelevant” in the state legislature because they are in the minority, and frequently need a Republican sponsor in order to move one of their bills. This media bias demonstrates contempt for the large number of Arizona citizens who are represented by Democrats in the Arizona legislature — are they also “irrelevant?” Should they be disenfranchised of any voice in how they are governed in the state legislature?

This is a variation on Karl Rove’s “fifty percent plus one” strategy of responding only to those people who elected you. This is an election strategy, not a way to govern.


Democrats do have a number of bills moving through the Arizona legislature. The Arizona Democratic Party put together a list:

Democratic Bills Still Alive

While much of the press coverage is on Republican bills, Democrats in the House and Senate still have thirty bills alive in the legislative process. Below is a listing as of today of those bills by number, short title, sponsor and status. For more detailed information on bills including the language itself and staff summary, go to the Legislature’s website, www.azleg.gov.

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Democratic Bills that are Moving – 2015 Session

HB 2157 – Native Americans; delayed birth certificates (Hale); passed GHE and awaiting Rules Committee

HB 2217 – job training fund; vocational rehabilitation (Mach); passed CFA, awaiting Approp and Rules Committee

HB 2240 – national guard members; tuition waivers (Cardenas); passed MAPS and was withdrawn from Approp, awaiting Rules Committee

HB 2501 – women veteran special plates (Larkin); passed MAPS, awaiting TI and Rules Committee

HB 2534 – ballots; defects; notice; cure (Clark); passed ELECT, awaiting Rules Committee

HB 2553 – human trafficking victim; vacating conviction (Steele); passed JUD, awaiting Rules Committee

HB 2579 – tobacco retailer; location restriction. (Otondo); passed CMA, awaiting Rules Committee

HB 2584 – veteran-owned businesses; procurement preference (Cardenas); passed GHE, awaiting Rules Committee

HB 2668 – results based school-readiness contracts (Bolding); passed ED, awaiting Approps and Rules Committee

HCM 2003 – urging Congress; increase customs personnel (Steele); passed COM, awaiting Rules Committee

HCR 2028 – civilian conservation corps; recognition (Saldate); passed GHE, awaiting Rules Committee

HM 2001 – urging parks board; historic place (Saldate); passed GHE, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1080 – tribal social services agencies; information. (Begay); passed HHS, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1102 – text messaging while driving; prohibition (Farley); passed GOV, awaiting PMST, TRANS and Rules Committees

SB 1103 – charitable tax credit; foster children (Bradley); passed FIN, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1106 – special license plates; standard design (Farley); passed TRANS, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1125 – county school superintendent; qualifications; administrators (Bradley); passed out of the Senate, awaiting House action

SB 1126 – schools; daily organized physical activity (Bradley); passed out of ED and APPROP, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1225 – industrial hemp; study committee (Pancrazi); awaiting Senate Committee of the Whole

SB 1226 – parent-child relationship; termination; petition (Pancrazi); passed out of JUD and HHS, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1308 – return to work program (Cajero-Bedford); passed out of CWD and APPROP, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1332 – empowerment scholarship accounts; reservation residences (Begay); passed out of the Senate, awaiting House action

SB 1392 – TPT; Indian tribal post secondary education (Begay); passed FIN and APPROP, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1393 – delayed birth certificates; Native Americans (Begay); passed HHS, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1395 – state-owned bank task force; appropriation (Dalessandro); passed FI, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1417 – conservation districts; legal representation (McGuire); passed RAE, awaiting APPROP and Rules Committees

SB 1422 – G&F; veterans; bonus point (McGuire); passed PSMT and NR, awaiting Rules Committee

• SB 1423 – incorporation; urbanized areas (McGuire); passed GOV, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1425 – sexual assault victim advocate; privilege (Hobbs); passed JUD and GOV, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1429 – reporting; untested sexual assault kits (Hobbs); passed PMST, awaiting Rules Committee

SB 1432 – hotel employees; room access; backgrounds (Hobbs); passed CWD, awaiting Rules Committee

SCM 1011 – mortgage standards; urging federal government (Farley); passed the Senate, awaiting House action

SCM 1015 – urging Congress; increase customs personnel. (Dalessandro); passed CWD, awaiting Rules Committee