DiCiccio walked right into the trap the Satanists sprung for him


Someone’s being politically correct about this and it’s probably the guy looking in the mirror at you, Sal

Those wily Satanists have struck again! This time, they have requested to lead the prayer at the Phoenix City Council chambers. Mayor Greg Stanton and Councilwoman Kate Gallego have, smartly, not opposed them but other members of the Council have not been so prudent. Councilman Sal DiCiccio has taken it on as his personal mission to demonstrate clearly the point the Satanists (who openly admit to not being true believers in Satan) are making about what a farce “religious liberty” is, as publicly practiced by conservatives. It’s difficult to argue that you’re not favoring certain religions, and even going so far as to establish them as “official” religions (contra the First Amendment) when you deny some religions access to a public prayer because you don’t like their message.

Of course, consistency has never been a strong suit of reactionary conservatives, which is why we get garbage decisions like Hobby Lobby, where a boss’s butthurt over uh I mean “sincerely held religious objections to” female employees using birth control gets codified into law. But if you want a clue as to why people, especially youth, are abandoning organized religion in droves, look no further than the way conservative politicians have hypocritical conniption fits whenever the Satanists show up. Sal DiCiccio et al should try taking a chill about it instead.


  1. DiCiccio’s pandering to the confused Glenn Beck crowd, and shame on him for spending any government time (meaning my tax money) on something this stupid.

    The “Satanists” are just forcing people to be true to Thomas Jefferson’s vision of America. See Jefferson’s Virginia Statute on Religion.

    Pray on your own time, do government work when you’re on mine.

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