Filing Day, Petition Challenge Season


Chalkboard with Math ProblemToday is the deadline for candidates to file their petitions for the August primary.

It appears to me that at least one GOP candidate for Congress is open to a legal challenge to his candidate petitions for not having enough valid signatures, should one of his opponents or another qualified elector be willing to file a court case to conduct discovery.

A candidate wants a cushion of at least 30% more signatures than are necessary to qualify for the ballot to account for the disqualified “bad” signatures that petitions typically have.

The Arizona Republic reported last week that state Rep. Adam Kwasman, who is running for Congress in CD 1, submitted only 1,249 signatures — he needs 1,117 valid signatures. This is an uncomfortably slim cushion of only 132 signatures (a 30% cushion would be more than double that number at 335).

Kwasman is just begging for a legal challenge to his petitions.

Watch the number of petition signatures submitted closely. There are likely to be petition challenges in races in the coming weeks.

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  1. Sorry. I am bad at posting replies and put mine in the wrong place.

    Someone tweeted on Wednesday night that they thought the Taliban already controlled the Texas legislature.

  2. Agreed on Trent Franks. I had planned to run as a write-in Americans Elect just to give someone who didn’t want to skip the 8th C.D. race in November someone to cast a protest vote for, and I was hoping to attract other candidates for that primary.

    But today it turns out I am unopposed in Wyoming’s at-large House seat Democratic primary. So I am hoping that someone will run as an Americans Elect write-in so good people will not see that odious Trent Franks as the only name on the ballot in AZ-08 in November.

    I know you disapprove of the “plurality” provision (court-ordered) for “new” party primaries, but it is an easy way for November ballot access. As of now, the ballot status of the Green Party is in the hands of the Ninth Circuit, so the Americans Elect “party” is the only alternative to nobody. (There actually was an AEL candidate against Franks in 2012, but it was another conservative.)

  3. Yesterday was the day that Trent Franks learned he alone of Arizona Congressmen will face no Democratic opponent and he told the homophobic, anti-woman hate group Family Research Council:

    “I wonder if this administration would worry if Al Qaeda took Texas. He might say it’s none of our business. It’s just really starting to be something that frightens me terribly and I think it is indicative of why this administration has been so soft on trying to protect religious freedom here.”


    • Trent Franks is the stupidest congressman this state has ever produced. He is nothing but an anti-abortion crusader from the predecessor organization of Center for Arizona Policy, and he is an Islamophobic religious bigot.

      And why would anyone want Texas?

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