Former AZ Legislator says US House might impeach Judge Snow

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County is having a less than stellar week, as he stands trial for contempt of court. On Thursday afternoon he was asked by US District Judge Murray Snow if what had been reported by Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times in June 2014 and January 2015, that Arpaio’s office had investigated Snow’s wife, was true. Arpaio admitted it was, to what the AZ Republic reported as “gasps and murmurs in the downtown Phoenix courtroom”.

Arpaio’s fans, who usually bombard comments sections with support for their hero, had been mostly absent on articles about this new development in the trial. One intrepid soul who did wade into the fray was none other than Republican former Arizona Legislator Jack Harper.


That’s a nice “career” you have there, Judge Snow. Harper would hate to see it be, uh, loosed and stiffled by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte and his statesmanlike GOP colleagues!

6 responses to “Former AZ Legislator says US House might impeach Judge Snow

  1. Arizona should be ashamed of these politics and childish ways. Everybody is always wanting to blame somebody to distract from their own lack of responsibility.

  2. Two tests for potential legislators.
    1. Civics
    2. Spelling

  3. Frances Perkins

    The disgusting thing during the 2014 elections is that Arpaio’s “endorsement” was essentially for sale from the governors office on down to local constables. I am sure there is price chart somewhere in Republican headquarters. Now all those knuckleheads never ever, heard of Arpaio. Right Ray Cullison?

  4. Republicans play hardball. Democrats play wiffleball. Republicans investigate benghazi ad nausium. Democrats lets put iraq war behind us no investigations. Fred duval lets reach out to republicans who hate us! Latinos we can’t offend republicans who won’t vote for us so we will down play immigration issue to discourage you. How about running someone for sheriff or governor who tells republican racists pay back is coming and tell latinos we fully support you!

  5. Jack Harper, another embarrassing dimwit from the halls of the AZ State Legislature.

  6. @Jack Judge Snow’s point was that Sheriff Joe had abused his office to spy on a judge’s wife. Arpaio told Snow that his former attorney, Tim Casey, hired the investigator after he received information that Snow’s wife commented in a restaurant that her husband “wanted to do everything to make sure [Arpaio was] not elected.” So Joe wanted to prove Judge was not a fan of him bring re-elected and stomped on his wife’s 1st amendment right by spying on her.