Governor Ducey hops aboard the idiot train on Planned Parenthood



This took longer than I expected, honestly:

Governor Doug Ducey’s Statement on Planned Parenthood

JULY 20, 2015

PHOENIX – In light of recent allegations of unlawful practices and procedures being performed by Planned Parenthood, Governor Doug Ducey today directed the Arizona Department of Health Services to conduct a thorough review of current law and immediately promulgate emergency rules designed to prohibit the illegal sale of any tissue from an unborn child.

“The footage released by The Center for Medical Progress regarding the alleged sale and trafficking of aborted fetal tissue and body parts by Planned Parenthood is horrifying and has no place in a civilized society. I am calling on the Department of Health Services to conduct a thorough review of the law and immediately promulgate emergency rules designed to prohibit the illegal sale of any tissue from an unborn child. This is consistent with federal law and will deter action that we all agree is abhorrent. Further, I have instructed ADHS to provide any and all assistance required to Attorney General Brnovich in any efforts conducted by his office.”


At least he isn’t launching a full investigation as other GOP governors are but this baseless “review” that Ducey is demanding is still going to waste the state’s time and resources.

I never ever expect anti-choicers to think rationally so naturally none of them have stopped screeching about this “sting” for the thirty seconds or so it would require to ask themselves why the people conducting it chose to release a heavily edited video to the press instead of turning all their footage over to authorities if something illegal were truly going on.

Certain famously anti-choice members of Congress admittedly colluded with the bogus “medical research” group and sat on the supposed “evidence” of illegality by Planned Parenthood rather than alerting law enforcement. Congressman Trent Franks’ explanation that “the hope was to have as much information as possible so that the authorities could be notified effectively before the media” strains credulity since no such expectation has ever existed prior to contacting authorities about suspected crimes and the anti-choice “investigators” claim to have thousands of hours of tape of people admitting to committing crime. If you have reason to believe Planned Parenthood is illegally selling fetus parts, you should call the cops and let them sort it out. But again, the “Center for Medical Progress” did alert the media, via the doctored nine-minute video, prior to anyone initiating any investigations.

From where I sit it looks like they knew they had nothing and decided to get the edited video out there to do the work of alarming credulous pearl-clutching pundits and providing grist to anti-choice politicians. We can now add our Arizona Governor to this confederacy of dunces.

There is simply nothing to this “scandal” beyond some people’s overblown emotional reactions to a medical procedure (and most surgeries are gross, BTW) being described in graphic detail and in said overwrought people’s unwillingness to consider the circumstances that might lead a woman to have a post-first trimester abortion and to decide to donate the fetal tissue to researchers. I do hope that anyone who is bothered by this research will be consistent and refrain from using any medication or treatments developed by it.


  1. This what you get when Cathi Herrod essentially runs health services in Arizona. Ducey is her dupe. The Center for the Taliban on health care in Arizona, Fight for every pregnancy, then drop dead.

  2. And if/when those bothered by the research need those benefits, they’ll scream to jump to the head of the line to use them.

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