Apparently in I.O.W.A. (Idiots Out Wandering Around), right-wing hate radio hosts are “influential” in the GOP presidential primary caucus. Therein is the source of the problem.

Right-wing Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson has a plan to deal with undocumented immigrants. IA Radio Host Jan Mickelson: Enslave Undocumented Immigrants Unless They Leave:


Screenshot from 2015-08-20 15:06:05Iowa radio host and influential conservative kingmaker Jan Mickelson unveiled an immigration plan that would make undocumented immigrants who don’t leave the country after an allotted time “property of the state,” asking, “What’s wrong with slavery?” when a caller criticized his plan.

On the August 17 edition of his radio show, Mickelson announced that he had a plan to drive undocumented immigrants out of Iowa that involved making those who don’t leave “property of the state” who are forced into “compelled labor,” like building a wall on the US-Mexican border.


Mickelson: [I] I would just say this: ‘As of this date’ — whenever we decide to do this — ‘as of this date, 30–‘ this is a totally arbitrary number, ’30 to 60 days from now anyone who is in the state of Iowa that who is not here legally and who cannot demonstrate their legal status to the satisfaction of the local and state authorities here in the State of Iowa, become property of the State of Iowa.’ So if you are here without our permission, and we have given you two months to leave, and you’re still here, and we find that you’re still here after we we’ve given you the deadline to leave, then you become property of the State of Iowa. And we have a job for you. And we start using compelled labor, the people who are here illegally would therefore be owned by the state and become an asset of the state rather than a liability and we start inventing jobs for them to do.

“Well how would you apply that logic to what Donald Trump is trying to do? Trying to get Mexico to pay for the border and for the wall?”

“Same way. We say, ‘Hey, we are not going to make Mexico pay for the wall, we’re going to invite the illegal Mexicans and illegal aliens to build it. If you have come across the border illegally, again give them another 60-day guideline, you need to go home and leave this jurisdiction, and if you don’t you become property of the United States, and guess what? You will be building a wall. We will compel your labor. You would belong to these United States. You show up without an invitation, you get to be an asset. You get to be a construction worker. Cool!’

When a caller confronted Mickelson and said his plan amounted to “slavery,” Mickelson replied, “What’s wrong with slavery?”

Hmmm, this sounds familiar, too familiar. This is hardly a new idea here in Arizona. Back in 2006 we had a Republican named Don Goldwater, the nephew of the late Sen. Barry Goldwater, running for the GOP nomination for governor who suggested the same thing sans the “property of the state” and “slavery” thing. The Washington Post (April 1, 2006):

At a rally kicking off the effort at a remote southern Arizona ranch Saturday afternoon, politicians and activists opposing illegal immigration gave fiery speeches calling for more border control.

Don Goldwater, a Republican candidate for Arizona governor, said he had a message for President Bush. “Build us that wall now,” Goldwater said, referring to a measure that would add 700 miles of fences along the border. He promised that, if elected, he would put illegal immigrants in a tent city on the border and use their labor to build the wall.

Don’s still alive, isn’t he? What does he think of Jan Mickelson stealing his idea without giving him proper credit or attribution?

UPDATE: On a related note, Charles Pierce at Esquire shares my view on the Iowa Caucus (the real caucus actually occurs in May) being the “first in the nation” in presidential contests — this farce has to end. Iowa Radio Host Jan Mickelson Okay With Bringing Back Slavery:

The problem, of course, is that very few [reporters] will take the obvious next step, which is to point out that giving a place like Iowa, and a system like the Iowa caucuses, the place we do in our nominating process gets more ridiculous by the quadrennium. The electorate is representative of nowhere else in the country, and the system is a farce. The last time, they couldn’t figure out who’d actually won for weeks.

* * *

Obviously, no serious American politician ever should associate with this nut [Mickelson] again, but the problem is deeper. No serious American politician ever should engage with Mickelson’s audience, which is to say, the Republican masses that would tolerate, or even applaud, this brand of public madness. The country at large should laugh this entire electorate off the stage and get around to the serious business of electing a president.

None of this will happen, because your elite political media thinks Iowa is so darned…cute. If obvious anagram Reince Priebus were any kind of actual party leader, and if the Republican party were actually a functioning political party any more – and welcome to the party, New Yorker – Priebus would tell any candidate that appears with Mickelson hereafter that he or she will lose any support from the national party and will go unrecognized at any further debates.  Then, he’d go to New Hampshire and eat fried clams at Hampton Beach while extolling the virtues of the open primary system. The country and its politics have been pushed around by Iowa long enough. Stay off the midway, kids. You’ve wandered into the carnival of the damned.

Let’s vow to make this the last election ever that Iowa will be “first in the nation.” It’s time to change the primary election system.