Jon Huntsman Says The Idea Of A Border Fence ‘Repulses’ Him

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Ruh-Roh! The Russell Pearce Republicans are going to blow a gasket when they learn that former Utah governor Jon Huntsman said the Idea Of A Border Fence ‘Repulses’ Him:

Former Republican Utah Gov. Jon Hunstman [and GOP candidate for president] has strong progressive streak that he may prefer people forget as he considers pursuing the GOP presidential nomination. On immigration, for example, Huntsman has supported a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants and something akin to the DREAM act, breaking with the nativists [Russell Pearce Republicans] who have come to dominate Republican immigration thinking after President Bush’s reform effort collapsed.

When asked about immigration at a town hall event in New Hampshire on Friday, Huntsman said he “hates the thought” of a border fence because “it’s not consistent with” American ideals:

HUNTSMAN: I hate the thought of a fence on the border. I mean, for me, as an American, the thought of a fence, it to some extent repulses me, because it’s not consistent with our overall — the image that we projected from the very beginning to the rest of the world. But the situation is such that I don’t think we have a choice.

Watch a video of the event shot by the Salt Lake City Tribune (edited by ThinkProgress for length):

Ultimately, Huntsman concluded in the town hall, a fence may be necessary as he said it’s important to secure the border. But Huntsman’s tone on the fence — which has become somewhat fetishized on the right, most explicitly in Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) infamous “complete the danged fence” ad — may be a problem for Huntsman among GOP primary voters. Already, a message board hosted by the anti-immigrant ALIPAC is brimming with fury over Huntsman’s comments.

Oh, Jonny we hardly knew ye. Buh-bye.

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  1. AZterritory

    He’s toast.