Kathy Hoffman, the ADE, and Donors Choose Partner Again to Help Teachers and Children

Today (October 4, 2022,) Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman announced that the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) has partnered again with Donors Choose to help teachers obtain much-needed supplies for their classrooms and assist children in learning.

The Superintendent and ADE had already partnered twice this year with Donors Choose with a $14 million drive last winter and a five million dollar campaign just after school started in August.

Those two campaigns, according to the ADE helped “24,508 Arizona teachers at thousands of Arizona schools.”

This current drive is for up to one million dollars and will depend on community donors donating to school projects and the ADE will match as long as there are available funds.

From Kathy Hoffman Twitter Page

Commenting on the new opportunity, Superintendent Hoffman wrote in an ADE Press Release:

“Far too many teachers in Arizona dip into their bank accounts to provide basic resources for their students. With this investment, the Arizona Department of Education has now allocated $20 million directly to teachers to accelerate student learning after the impact of the pandemic. We’re proud to again partner with DonorsChoose and the greater Arizona community in support of our state’s students and teachers.”

She also posted on social media:

According to the press release, “community members can visit www.donorschoose.org to find an Arizona classroom to support and have their donation doubled by ADE.”

Please help out a teacher in need and brighten a child’s future.