Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs easily prevailed in the August 2, 2022, Democratic Primary for Governor.

She will face either Dangerous Trump Republican Extremist Kari Lake or Plutocrat Trump Republican Extremist Karrin Taylor Robson.


Katie Hobbs Kicks off the General Election Campaign with Victory Celebration at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. 

With songs like We are Family and Love Train setting the mood for the audience, Keynote speakers Steve Gallardo (Maricopa County Board Supervisor,) Marisol Garcia (Arizona Education Association President,)  and Mariah Moon (New Life Center,) along with Secretary Hobbs children and twin sister,  all extolled the background, core beliefs, character,  and policy proposals of the Gubernatorial Nominee including her commitment to fighting to lift people up including the most vulnerable, protect Democracy,  safeguard civil rights including those of minorities, the LGBTQ community, and a woman’s right to choose.

After being introduced by her children, Secretary Hobbs declared victory in the primary and thanked the voters for “entrusting her with this responsibility.”

Looking at her audience, she commented that it was more fun being in a room of people devoted to the next election rather than being fixated on the 2020 one.

Recounting the threats against her, including violent protestors at her home, Secretary Hobbs proudly said “we got the job done when we conducted the safest and securest election” and it was “time to move on from the 2020 election.”

The Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate then outlined the themes of her general election campaign, saying it was time to tackle the real challenges facing the state and get the job done that others have not.

Saying she would tough to meet the challenges facing the state and be a doer that looks to the future, not a whiner (a not so thinly veiled shot at her two leading Republican opponents,) Secretary Hobbs said her Governorship would focus on:

  • Dealing with inflation including rising housing costs.
  • Protecting Democracy and access to the ballot box.
  • Working to solve the water crisis.
  • Protecting women from domestic violence threats and their right to choose.
  • Fixing education.
  • Addressing the border crisis.
  • Accountability and transparency in government.

Ms. Hobbs announced that she would launch a Solutions Can’t-Wait Tour and go to every part of the state to talk to the people (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.)

The Gubernatorial Nominee repeated that she was the one most capable of getting the job and  then relayed how her experiences as a social worker, a state legislator, and a Secretary of State have prepared her for this moment, saying she “has a real message and will bring people together,” unlike her two likely Republican opponents who Hobbs accused of “being outside the mainstream,” and would “take us backward.”

She then launched into specific attacks on both her likely Republican Gubernatorial opponents, Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson.

Speaking of Lake, the Secretary said she “is out there,” a “dangerous” person that would permit the sale of rocket launchers, allow cameras in the classroom, force women to continue their pregnancies even in cases of rape and incest, deny access to contraception.

Of Robson, Hobbs said she is also a purveyor of dangerous conspiracy theories who is “only in it for herself” and her rich friends at the expense of adequately funding public schools. The Republican Gubernatorial Candidate also holds the nonsensical view that women can not get pregnant from rape.

Please click here to view the two ads the Hobbs Campaign put out today outlining their attacks on Ms. Lake and Ms. Robson.

Concluding her speech, the Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee said:

“Neither of my opponents are offering real solutions, They just point fingers and pass the buck.”

Calling her supporters to action, Ms. Hobbs struck an opportunistic note, stating:

“I’m no stranger to tackling tough challenges. We are tough, this state is tough, and if we work together, we can tackle our biggest challenges. If we work together, we can get the job done…Let’s win this together.”

Please access the Hobbs Campaign Website to find out more about the candidate and her goals as the next Governor of Arizona.