‘Krazi Kari’ Lake Stars In The Sequel ‘Stop the Steal 2’ That No One Wants To See

Here we go. “Donald Trump in  dress,” election denier “Krazy Kari” Lake, made a pilgrimage to Donald Trump’s home in exile in Mar-a-Lago to borrow his playbook on denying the outcome of an election after her race was called for Katie Hobbs, and she is returning to Arizona with the sequel “Stop The Steal 2” that no one wants to see.

I’ll just say what you are all thinking: “Pack up your shit and get the hell out of Arizona, lady.

Jason Easley reports, Kari Lake Melts Down And Falsely Claims Her Election Was Rigged:

It took Kari Lake a little longer than expected to get there, but after a visit with Trump, she is now falsely claiming that the election that she lost was rigged.

Video of Lake:

Lake called her election defeat an assault on democracy and later added, “Tens of thousands of you [in the GQP crazy base] have reached out pleading with me to fight this fight. Rest assured, I will because if we give up now, we will no longer have a country. Attorneys are working diligently to gather information, whistleblowers (sic) are coming forward, and the curtain is being lifted. Whether done accidentally or intentionally, it is clear that this election was a debacle that destroyed any confidence in our elections.”

Lake also claimed with zero evidence that same-day voters in Arizona were deprived of their right to vote.

It is no surprise that Kari Lake went to Mar-a-Lago last weekend and returned with Trump’s big lie talking points [playbook].

None of what Lake said was true. She offered no facts to support her baseless claims.

The election wasn’t rigged or stolen in Arizona. Kari Lake lost because a majority of the voters did not want a fascist Trump puppet as their governor.

Kari Lake lost, and now she is on a dangerous campaign to destroy election integrity in Arizona.

Saturday Night Live’s cold open last Saturday nailed this pathetic loser perfectly. If the results don’t go her way, “I’ll burn Arizona to the ground.”



1 thought on “‘Krazi Kari’ Lake Stars In The Sequel ‘Stop the Steal 2’ That No One Wants To See”

  1. LaKKKe is working on getting the VP spot on the T4ump ticket.

    He’s not going to pick her, she comes across as a very unpleasant person, and he’s all about image.

    And by unpleasant I mean she’s like super-gross.

    A woman in politics can’t pull off that much grossness, not like a Ted Cruz, Trent Franks, Don Shooter, or oh holy heck I’m going to need a bigger internet…

    I know that’s sexist, but I’m just the messenger.

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