MacEachern Schooled By High School Student


Posted by Bob Lord

The Republic's Doug MacEachern has few peers among journalists when it comes to mindless repetition on Republican talking points. In a short post yesterday, Looking to inhibit hiring? Try high corporate taxes, Dazzling Dougie bashed Obama because Obama, according to Dougie, found "lowering corporate tax rates" to be a stumbling block to a grand bargain, in spite of a "pretty conclusive study" from a few years back concluding that high corporate taxes stifled growth. 

It would take several paragraphs to address the misinformation and illogic contained in Doug's two sentence post. But I couldn't do better than Peter de Mott, a commenter from Southside High School:

Doug, do you know what stifles job growth? Lack of demand. That is why U.S. corporations are curently sitting on huge piles of cash. They are investing in new equipment, software and facilities at pretty near the pre-recession level. Consumer spending as apercentage of income is also back to pre-recession levels. They can't hire without demand.

The commenter goes on to fully trash Dougie's pathetic post, and concludes:

Great little piece of writing Dougie…other than getting the facts wrong.

I couldn't have said it better myself.