Martha McSally gets called out for the lies in her op-ed


You see Ms. McSally, this is what happens when you let the GOPropagandists at the RNCC ghost write your opinions for you; you get called out for their lies by the people who know the truth.

The Arizona Daily Star today publishes a response to Matha McSally’s op-ed the other day by Tucson businessmen Bruce Dusenberry and Mike Grassinger, members of the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance, representing the Tucson Metro Chamber and DM50, respectively. Bruce Dusenberry and Michael Grassinger: Barber is fighting for the A-10:

We write today to respond to suggestions that Rep. Ron Barber has not been fully supportive of the A-10 or Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

We can unequivocally state that Barber has been working with the Tucson community to protect the A-10, D-M and our national defense assets in Southern Arizona.

While we appreciate her passion for the A-10, we were disappointed to see the A-10 and D-M used in a politically divisive way by congressional candidate Martha McSally (“Leadership needed to save A-10 and D-M,” Arizona Daily Star, March 10).

To imply that Barber was late to the fight is simply not true.

He was a first initiator and joined other members of the Arizona congressional delegation to help organize the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance to mobilize Tucson’s community support for D-M and the 162nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard at Tucson International Airport.

His efforts have certainly included offering amendments to national defense authorization legislation to protect the A-10 and D-M in coordination with our community partners.

Barber’s efforts, as well as those of the broader community and the Arizona congressional delegation, have been paying off as Congress continues to work toward legislation requiring the Air Force to substantiate the close-air-support performance of the F-35 before the A-10 can be retired.

* * *

Next week, the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance, of which Barber is a key participant and inspiration, will launch its public website and ask for the unwavering support of everyone in our community as we fight for the A-10 and the future of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Now is the time for all of us to join together in this effort.

The Arizona Daily Star today also publishes an opinion by Ms. McSally’s GOP primary opponent, Shelly Kais. Like McSally, Ms. Kais  is guilty of failing to address the “elephant” in the room for the source of Tucson’s A-10 fears:  The Budget Control Act of 2011, which instituted automatic across-the-board budget cuts to domestic and military spending beginning in 2013.  Kais cannot bring herself to place the blame where it squarely belongs: on the Tea-Publican leadership of the House, which supports the automatic sequester budget cuts.

Her attempt to claim that she was out front on the A-10 issue is not borne out by the facts: she was an active supporter of Martha McSally in 2012, she has not been a candidate for office before now, and see the opinion of the guys who know above.

Unlike Ms. McSally, who has a romanticized attachment to the A-10 because she used to pilot an A-10, which clouds her judgment as to the longevity and utility of of an aging aircraft, I have to give Ms. Kais some props for at least suggesting some other future mission for Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Shelley Kais: A plan to keep Davis-Monthan viable well into the future:

However, as one who believes in solutions, I have a plan to keep Davis-Monthan viable well into the future. I have researched what the Air Force says it wants, which is to manufacture three planes — the F-35, the Long-Range Strike Bomber and the KC-46 Pegasus — and examined what future role Davis-Monthan could play in supporting one of them. I’ve learned the KC-46, an aerial refueling and strategic transport plane, is scheduled to begin rolling off the assembly line at Boeing next year, with plans to manufacture 179 of them. D-M has the long runway needed to support that kind of aircraft. I believe we should be building relationships and engaging in efforts now to bring KC-46 squadrons to Davis-Monthan.

I’m not alone in supporting this concept. According to Col. Kent Laughbaum (Ret.), former commander of the 355th Fighter Wing at D-M, the Air Force is retiring the KC-135, one of its two air refueling aircraft, and replacing it with the KC-46. The colonel says “Davis-Monthan would be a great installation for a capability like the KC-46 would bring.”

Am I saying the A-10 should go away? Absolutely not! The aircraft was designed to be in service until 2028, and there is no reason that it should leave Tucson before then. But I also believe we must look at sustainability and other options for maintaining the future viability of Davis-Monthan, thereby securing and enhancing the economic vitality of Southern Arizona.

On this much we can agree, Ms. Kais. The rest of your opinion suffers from the same flaws as Ms. McSally’s opinion.

Will the Arizona Daily Star give the other CD 2 GOP candidate Jim Brown an op-ed on the A-10? Or is he too busy comparing “entitlement” programs to slavery?


  1. The RNC has definitely sent handlers in to help McSally run a by-the-book Republican race. In addition to McSally’s anti-Pelosi ads on Facebook, she’s also running anti-Obamacare ads on Facebook. McSally has to stand FOR something (besides the military industrial complex) to get elected. So, far, the emphasis has been on what she’s against.

    In addition to the anti/anti messaging, it appears as if she has undergone a Palinesque makeover– new haircut, skirts and dresses (!), jewelry (!), heels (!), and another jacket besides that red one from 2012. (Lots of photos on her multiple Facebook pages.)

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