My Questions For Martha McSally


Posted by Bob Lord

After reading the posts and comments of my BfAZ colleagues, I'm left with the impression that Martha McSally may be a raging hypocrite when it comes to LGBT rights. Should I get worked up about that? If you've read my prior posts, particularly the ones about the Boy Scouts anti-gay policy, you'd know I abhor any form of discrimination against the LGBT community. But the movement on this front is entirely in the right direction, at breathtaking speed, and accelerating. I just don't think Martha McSally throwing bones to her homophobic base will change that trend. Call me crazy.

Should I be bothered by the hypocrisy? Maybe, but don't they all engage in hypocrisy from time-to-time? Is Ron Barber hypocrisy free?

So, I want to know where MM stands on Elizabeth Warren's bill to restore Glass-Steagall. I want to know if she shares my belief that in a country with per capita income of $50,000 no American should live in poverty. I want to know if she believes, as I do, that the tax code must be reformed such that it does not guarantee the concentration of wealth and income at the top. 

I doubt I'll like her answers, but, if I did, I'd look past her shortcomings and support her.