Nice AGs you’ve elected yourselves there, Arizona


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I actually don’t know if Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Weisbard was a Tom Horne or Mark Brnovich hire but does it matter?

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is asking for dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a teacher who was brutally assaulted and raped after being left in an unguarded prison classroom with a convicted sex offender.

The AG’s reasoning is essentially this: the woman knew she was in a prison, so what did she expect?

No, seriously. That’s the reasoning.

“Plaintiff is an ADOC (Arizona Department of Corrections) employee who routinely worked at the prison complex,” Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Weisbard wrote in his motion to dismiss. “By being placed in a classroom at the complex, the officers were not placing Plaintiff in any type of situation that she would not normally face. The risk of harm, including assault, always existed at a prison like Eyman.”

Ladies, if you’ll just stay safely in your homes handcrafting artisan chastity belts and not trying to have “jobs” or to “help people” or whatnot you will not have these “rape” problems!

While it would seem like just paying out a settlement for the prison’s screw-up and then directing the prison system to implement the safety protocols necessary such that no unarmed civilian would ever be trapped with known violent predators would be the most fiscally optimal and face-saving response by the AG’s office, you should never underestimate their capacity to make the exact opposite of the most rational and competent choice.


  1. yeah it does matter ! .. certain types believe that women belong at home .. cooking , sewing, taking care of the kids and daddy .. sort of a “Stepford Wife” .. this is what AZ votes into office .. the narrow minded .. corrections is responsible to provide a safe working environment to employees .. 90 minutes without a check ? .. it would seem they don’t do rounds nearly often enough nor do they provide the afore mentioned to employees ! .. lets hope U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton uses some common sense and slaps Mr. Weisbard .. but then again what does common sense have to do with law

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