Phoenix Councilwoman and Congressional District Three House Candidate Yassamin Ansari Unveils Her Federal Housing Plan

From Yassamin Ansari CD-Three Campaign.

Today (February 19, 2024,) Phoenix Councilwoman, former Vice Mayor, and Congressional District (CD) House Candidate Yassamin Ansari released her plan to help provide federally driven affordable housing assistance and reduce homelessness in the fifth-largest city in the country.

Known for her stellar work on promoting and advancing clean energy sustainability in the Phoenix Metro Area, Ms. Ansari unveiled her plan at a three-stop tour of housing developments in the district at Harmony at the Park II, Game Day Real Estate, and Salt River Flats.

From Yassamin Ansari CD-Three Campaign

In the plan, the Councilwoman and her team point out that the housing crisis has been caused by rising prices, to the median tune of sixty percent, driven partly by an insufficient supply of new homes with a shortage of 270,000 new residential units from the previous decade.

This situation has resulted in the aggravation of homeless numbers for vulnerable populations with just over a 23 percent increase from 2020-2022. The groups most affected, according to the Councilwoman’s plan are the elderly, families, youth, veterans, and victims of domestic violence.

The increasing homeless situation has also resulted in an increase in heat-related fatal incidents, water and food insecurity, mental illnesses, substance abuse, and the deaths associated with that.

The CD Three Candidate also pointed out that in her time as Councilwoman and Vice Mayor, she helped direct $120 million in American Rescue funds to 19,000 people to find affordable housing and rental assistance.

Ms. Ansari and her team offer a smorgasbord of solutions she would pursue if elected to the House of Representatives, drawing on existing proposals, current programs, and new ideas she would propose.

From Yassamin Ansari CD-Three Campaign

Among these solutions are:

  • Passing the already introduced Housing Crisis Response Act (HCRA) of 2023.
  • To reform the Housing Choice Voucher Program so large cities like Phoenix can access more federal funds to provide more vouchers.
  • Passing an Eviction Crisis Prevention Act to help people and their families stay in their homes.
  • Adjusting Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations to secure less costly barriers to local affordable housing developments.
  • Expanding the Low Income Housing Tax Credit to prioritize low-income tenants in highly difficult development areas.
  • Introduce new legislation, after American Rescue Plan funding runs, out to promote regional solutions to combat homelessness and construct more needed shelters and affordable housing.
  • Pass legislation to provide resources to help homeless individuals to address their mental health concerns.
  • Expanding the social safety net with FULL funding in Supplemental Nutritional Assistance and Social Security along with finally offering Medicare for All.

In comments at the event and on social media, Councilwoman Ansari offered:

“We’re excited to showcase the incredible work being done in our community to address the housing crisis. We can expand options for affordable housing and build a more equitable and inclusive Phoenix.”

“In Congress, I’ll continue to make housing a top priority and fight for the resources to build affordable homes and end homelessness.”

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