Profession For Nice People Only?


Posted by Bob Lord

We all have met our share of arrogant doctors. And lawyers with overbearing personalities are the rule, not the exception. We've all had the teacher from hell at some point in our grade school years. There are college professors who get their jollies flunking half the students, not realizing what a sorry statement that is on their teaching ability. 

So, is there any profession that's jerk free?

Believe it or not, there just may be one. I took our 19 year-old terrier to the veterinarian yesterday. He has arthritis. I've seen a bunch of vets in the past year. We have four dogs and it's not been a great year on the health front. I also happen to have a vet as a client, and my sister's boyfriend is a vet. 

It just may not be possible to be a jerk and a veterinarian at the same time.

Makes sense. I'm guessing dogs and cats tolerate jerks less than we humans do.

Any pet owners out there care to chime in, either in support or to burst the bubble?

Thucky's not a veterinarian, is he? 


  1. In all my pet-owning years, I’ve never met a vet who was anything but kind and generous. Just like kindergarten teachers, it takes a special person to enter and remain in that line of work. However, I do take exception to your comment that cats and dogs tolerate jerks less than humans do. If that were true, we would hear a lot more news reports of both lawyers and politicians being chomped, clawed and pissed on. Just saying…

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